Back to normal for #themorningbowl?

7개월 전

Well.. I hope everything on the blockchain is back to normal.. or whatever qualifies as normal.. I'm in for another normal day around camp.. well minus the coffee.. @bethvalverde took all the water.. that's okay ... I got all the weed lol.. let's smoke..


🎶 still smoking on the wrecking ball ..🎵

Peace out y'all.. Dave



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Dammit I am outta coffee too this morning. Getting cool up here in the mornings too. You gonna break out the bus for the winter or take is with you somewhere warm again?

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Depends on the money and work situation.. ideally I'd take the bus to Phoenix the SoCal for winter.. maybe go visit some Steemians.. I'd like to get to Arkansas and see @hippie-witha-gun too


I'd love to see you too Dave. Bring me some weed HA HA. I'm all out again. Better yet, some shatter! Now that I got this vape pen. Although living in town now I can't accommodate a free place for you to stay while here which sucks.

I got ice coffee at Dunkin a few hours ago. Really good.


I got ice coffee
At Dunkin a few hours
Ago. Really good.

                 - robertandrew

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


I've still had no coffee.

Take care with your outdoor adventures @davedickeyyall :D
It seems that you are having fun there too.

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