Flatulence Friday on #themorningbowl


Good morning y'all... TGIF to those of you who are off on the weekends.. Today I'm filming in the bus when someone comes in while I'm filming.. I can't resist the urge to poke fun while smoking..


Flatulence Friday..

Peace out y'all.. Dave



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Did you see the Browns/Steelers game last night Dave? 8 seconds left in the game, Browns were way ahead, and during like the last play one of the Browns players ripped off the helmet of one of the Steelers players and hit him with the head with it. It turned out to be a brawl in the end zone.


I didn't watch the game. But I watched the brawl. Several times. Anyone else would be in jail on assault charges

Haha! I do love guest stars on the morning bowl.

Headed on the road today and I will make it flatulent Friday’s for ya. Football pick in before deadline I promise

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The Bengals are a lock this week


Haha yah right.

I will take the Jets for 5 steem and Arizona for 5 steem.



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