@guysofcannabis on #themorningbowl

10개월 전

So last night I noticed I had a new Discord message from @jonyoudyer.. he's started a new page for the ladies to enjoy called @guysofcannabis ... Read the intro here ... Looks like as good of subject as any for..


Smokin with @canna-curate..

Here's you a couple pics.. pick your favorite..


And a little more risque..


Peace out ya'll..Dave


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How am I supposed to top that?
I gagged a little but recovered by closing my eyes and scrolling quickly. Thanks for the warning.... sheesh! j/k
Nice one :p

Oh my god Dave nice centerfold! LMAO!!! Makes me want to tie dye me a pair of tidy whiteys so I can make my own centerfold HA HA!
I love Girls of Green!
Great idea, guys of cannabis.

This is why I pay you the big bucks!

Just so you know, my mom's starting to watch your show lately... lol!

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Omg yes!! How are we supposed to compete with this? Hahaa looking good!


Once the internet repairs itself after this post, ill be showcasing this in the coming week. Nice taking to the next level.

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