Mother Earth Silver Coin Giveaway!! Week Three!!

2년 전

Welcome to week Three of this Raffle!!

In week One we raised $11.64 towards our $75 Minimum.

In week Two we raised $7.97

Being a Leo, that is totally fantastic and we only have $55.39 to go!!

Please RESTEEM every week that you enter to qualify for the draw, as well as the other Raffle Rules that are in place!

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Welcome to Week Three of the Mother Earth Coin Raffle!! Please don't forget to Resteem each week!!

Our first week raised $11.64

and leaves us $63.36 to reach our minimum auction goal of $75. Thank you all for the amazing support during the first week of this project!! Remember, if you voted in week one, be sure to vote in week two so you get two entries into the raffle draw to win this amazing coin!!

Silver Coin Mothership Powerup Project

I am giving away something that I love,

one of my prized private coins. It is a very special silver coin from the Canadian Mint called Mother Earth and it is completely sold out as far as I know and is only increasing in value over time. If you can find them they sell currently for about $200CAN.

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 10.59.25 PM.png

The mintage on it is also very, very good.

Only 7000 of these coins were ever made and they are very hard to find. The winner will be drawn by autobot or physical paper tickets on @topkpop’s radio show when the $75 minimum or more is reached.

At @enginewitty's request a $75 minimum has been set for this raffle. If we reach it on this post that's awesome!! If not, we will run this for as many weeks as it takes to reach the $75 minimum.

The winner will be drawn when the total of all weeks reaches $75 or more.

Everyone who votes with at least one cent

will be added to the raffle and if you vote on the same coin in week two or week three you will have those additional votes added so your chances of winning are increased! That is to make it very fair for those voting from the very beginning and supporting their generosity and patience.

Half of the SBD will be going to support

the Alliance Mothership project which I am very proud to be a part of. The Alliance is a group dedicated to quality content and genuine interaction and I have definitely found a home there. They can tell if you’re doing your best, as we all can.

In an effort to help increase the power of the Mothership

I will be doing a series of Silver Coin prizes once a week. Future Coins will be offered based on the success of previous posts.

What is this Alliance you speak of???
You can read all about the Alliance here!!

How Do I Win??

Raffle Rules!

When the total post value reaches $75 the winner will be chosen by random draw on @topkpop's Friday evening radio show. We will announce the winner and I will make contact through DM to find out where to send your awesome coin! Thank you all for your understanding. I want to support the Mothership and also not lose my shirt on my coin lol!!

Everyone is welcome to support myself and themothership project But in order to be eligible to win the coin you must:

Follow Me
Upvote at 100% with only one account
Resteem each week the raffle runs

I ask you to vote at 100% because it’s one vote, and the playing field is level so everyone has a chance to win.

Your 100% vote must be worth at least 1 cent (0.01$)

Your reputation score must be reasonable and respectable!

While I do not want to limit anyone’s involvement or chance to win, the final winner chosen by the autobot will have their account checked by at least two other Steemians for authenticity. The winner’s account must be genuine, engaging and free of plagiarism.

Good luck to everyone!

I will need a physical address to send the coin to so please be aware of that should you win. If you win and are not able to give an address, yay for me I keep the coin and run the contest again ;)

Love Bug

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Got to be in to have a chance to win and Would love to win this that is such a cool and unique coin

Plus glad to support the mothership so will give a 100% upvote :)



Hey thanks Jay! Yah it's going to hurt to mail this one out but I know someone is going to just love it! :D


What do you mean someone with all my globe trotting that coin is destined to be won by me lol 😂


I hope you win it so you can put it under your pillow at night LOL


Lol 😂
Got to think positive lol

I would love to enter for a chance to win this beautiful coin, but my voting power is depleted, can I send a donation of SBD instead?


Hi @cyber.explorer yes I don't mind doing this on a case by case basis. I saw your account and you're active and involved. What do you think? 0.25$ SBD ok with you? Be sure to follow and Resteem each week now if you're coming along for the ride! So it would be the same each week for you 0.25$ SBD for as long as the raffle runs.


sounds good!
Could I also do this for the Kaleidoscope Coin as well (with additional SBD), or does that post have different rules?


Same rules and yes, no problem for you. I saw you added a memo which is superb so I can keep track. Thank you very much. I'm just working on Rhronda's Rascals coin project now and it will be up in a few minutes. Feel free to enter that one as well. It is a beautiful coin for a great cause!!

Yeah I'm in again cause this coin is just to unique to just not give a try 😊 may best man /woman win... Lol Happy Monday! 🤗


Well howdy stranger 🤗 Great to have you along!!


Great to be along 😉 hey btw... Been a while. 🤗


Toooooo loooooonnnnnng!! 🤗


Yupp 😉 I agree.... Lol

Pumped and pressed my man!


Sahhhhhweeeet :D Thanks buddy!

Love the look of this coin. You can save yourself the effort of writing further posts and just send it to me if you like.


haha, no problem, it's on its way!!

Saw this from @tattoodjay 's resteem.
Great prize and for a great cause! Count me in!


Thanks for joining in @dadview! It's a super beautiful coin in person especially. @tattoodjay is a great guy and glad you saw the post! If you intended to mute me that's great, I would mute me too. I mention it because you may not get the updates and notifications you need for the raffles! I muted someone accidentally in the past LOL

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What an amazing coin I hope my voiting power enough to participate. Finger crossed.