Official Close-Out Post <3

3년 전

Hello, friends: where did the The New Alchemists go? Good question.

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Four months ago I started The New Alchemists - a "steemit" branch of my real-life artist collective. I did this because I think that steemit, and cryptocurrency, will have an incredible impact on the future of creativity. I still do.

At the time I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, enjoying the platform and building my own personal account. It also coincided with my decision to leave my full-time position and transition into a full-time contract/freelancer lifestyle. Over the last four months I've learned a lot...and it is with great regret...that I must admit I do not have the time or capacity to dedicate to operating a steemit community.

However, four months ago, faced with a huge professional transition, I put too many balls in the air. As I got into my rhythm, I found that I didn't have time for steemit - especially not a full community. To do it right I'd have to spend at least 15-20 hours a week on this work alone. As I realized what it would really entail to do this, I quickly got overwhelmed. I feel like in many ways I ghosted on steemit, and some really amazing people, and for that I am deeply sorry.

I have been busy with clients, projects, deadlines, and managing relationships with a lot of different stakeholders in my new "business". I've been learning a lot about time management, managing expectations, and carving out time to be a human being and recharge. I've been thinking a lot about steemit, and about how to best use my time and energy here. I'm still invested in this community, very much, I just can't manage a community and my real-life work pursuits.

All that being said, I'm closing this account.

Maybe someday it'll be back - but to do that I need more time - and I need my real-life team to be ready to be a part of this growing decentralized community. I've realized its hard to operate a "Collective" being run by one person - its counterintuitive to the definition of the word.

I am so appreciative of everyone who commented, followed, and supported this project. TNA will still be around - I'll just be sharing our work via my personal page (@lilyraabe) and on other social medias. I want to THANK the people who believed in this mission/vision - know that it's not going away, it's just taking a different form. These are still the values I stand behind, and what I will continue to work towards in a sustainable manner.


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Hey thanks for the update I have definitely thought about you and wondered and hoped all was well in past few months. I want to invite you to a real collective that I am a cofounder of in the time you were gone :) It is kind of the logical evolution of my old @r-bot curation effort.

Please join us at the C² Curation Collective. It is an absolutely zero time commitment, zero pressure inclusive community for curators of the Steem blockchain. When you get a minute, if you join the Discord and request the curator role you will be able to drop posts off in the curation channels for more love. It is something you can do at your own pace, or never do, and that is fine as well - but if you ever find yourself browsing Steem-land and you find a post that needs more love, you know what to do :) Wishing you balance in your day to day - much love - Carl


Hey Carl, thank you so much for stopping by to say hello and also offer a way to connect with steemit folks, I appreciate it. Will definitely check it out. See you around the steemosphere!

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