Something Very Unique Arrived in the Mailbox This Morning..! (Warning: Lots of Pictures)

3년 전

Seems the sea shells I ordered from Dubai are in..!

Dubai is known for it's fine shells... (or something?)

Wait a minute.. I can't remember ordering frickin' sea shells..

Taking the plastic off I hear a metallic sounding jingle...
I wonder what's in these shells?

Is there a word for being confused, excited and aroused at the same time? No seriously, someone has had to make up a word for that.. right?

After jumping around the house in excitement while "squee'ing" like a rabid child full of candy and bees it was time to adorn @KLYE with the precious.

Smooth, shiny, magical and tighter than your mom before prom

Walked by the window briefly and nearly blinded myself.. WOW

Only ONE of it's kind in Canada.. Hand Crafted by @samether

Size 8 STEEM ring made of Sterling Silver, fits the pinky tightly..!

STEEM logo symettry a bit off, much like the mind of it's owner.. It's perfect!

Precious will keep me company on the midnight coding runs.

Almost 7 grams of Silver it's got noticeable weight while wearing!

The sh!tfluff kisses the precious as a sign of respect to STEEM

Final Closing Thoughts

Never had a real ring before.. Let alone a hand crafted STEEM ring..!

Overall I'm genuinely happy with my new STEEM ring, huge shout out to ring smith @samether for creating this beautiful unique hand crafted ring for me. It's certainly an embodiment of my adventure and work here on our STEEM network over the past year.

This ring represents the evolution that has been cascading into my life and reminds me with it's weight of the work yet to be done in order to cement my goal of being the #1 STEEM witness. It was just over a year ago I'd been pointed in the direction of the STEEM network.. hands down it's been the best year I've had in a decade basically and extremely excited to continue growing my skills as well as knowledge to expedite my metamorphosis from a lazy, homeless degenerate dick doodler into a intelligent, somewhat respectable middle aged software developer.. backed by the immutable STEEM network, her devs and it's community.

Hoping this ring is a nice little icebreaker / conversation topic allowing me to convert those around me from archaic social media mongols into enlightened Steemsters.

Want Your OWN Custom Hand Crafted Ring?

Thank You to the AMAZING Folks That Have Pushed me Toward Success!

If I can do it, anyone can

If you want to learn something only thing stopping you is you!

Reppin' STEEM in The Great White North, eh?

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Why dont you have red eyes on main picture??

  ·  3년 전

I do... Just slightly. :D


Haha ,my bad , im getting older,thats why I dont see many things

Did not know you could order shells! But that ring though, nice! Nice work man. You're right, nothing is stopping any of us. Steem on. Cheers!


That looks fresh! Hey I thought your goal was top 20. Oh nevermind I know how the human mind work!

Nice ring! That's a really nice ring.

  ·  3년 전

lol. I'm top 20 now... But #1 would look good on my resume!

Damn look at that thing bling in the sun!!! That is better then finding a pearl in that shell mate.

Nice ring! I though it was going to be a darkmarket package lol

Fucking Sick as Hell!!!!!!!!!!!

Good post, Thanks


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That's some pretty fucking cool bling you got there!

And yeah, I can totally see that as a conversation starter to bring in new people. Good luck converting them... I swear, some I encounter would look good next to a row of cabbages. Wait... that might be an insult to cabbage....

How nice is thaaaat!!!!!! :D

Future flirts be like: Hey, got a light?

Misses cigarette with steem ring beam and burns nose hairs 😆

just found you through felix lol, may i ask where u located in canada?

Ha nice!

Such a great gift , Steem on !

Congrats my friend @kyle. You received this because you deserved it 100%. All your hard work since past year, all your preparation before making a post, all your research while making a post, the value you provides in your articles, the comments you answer - you have done it all effectively, hence you got what you deserved. Now you have Steem ring and tons of loyal followers who respect your content, who listens you, who replies you everytime. I wish I can achieve someday what you have achieved today. You have the entrepreneurial skills my friend, you will be sure to get success.
Thanks for your knowledge and wish you all the success on Steemit and at whatever you do .

hey im having a difficult time uploading pics on this platform. I am new here. How do you do it?

  ·  3년 전

copy the picture and hit ctrl + p

I got this ring today morning. what say

giphy-downsized (3).gif

are they sea shell or jewerally

Sweet ass ring!

FINALLY! my shells have arrived.

Wait... I didn't order shells °∆°

😂😂 That killed me


Lucky you! Nice ring :D
I hope it brings you luck

Cool @Klye
well, I know the shell trick very well i lived in Kuwait ( just a hint its not allowed to ship silver & gold from there)

  ·  3년 전

I did not know that!

Good job @klye I'm glad you are evolving from being a "homeless degenerate dick doodler" You have ascended!

It looks great! A pure .999 silver round with something similar would be nice too. Is anyone doing that already?

Congratulations for that ring, looks so awesome!

I love to see how people create more and more awesome things for this community, like apps, plugins, all kind of articles and real life things, like rings and shirts.

Great article, funny, and hope you enjoy wearing that ring! :)

At least, no one has any such ring! And at the same time, what's the patronage of Steem! :)

  ·  3년 전

This is amazing, steemit motivation for me

You made me laugh out loud with "the precious"!! Congrats on your new bling.

nice laptop. i have the same one.
nice ring too :D

That's really cool. It's amazing to see all the Steem motivation!

  ·  3년 전

Keep at it and eventually you can get your own STEEM ring. :)

nice shells too :D

  ·  3년 전

Will be cleaning them with something and utilizing them in my 10 gallon aquarium.

badass tattoos man! and a badass ring to go along now! nice.

  ·  3년 전

I was once young and fearless.. Most of those were down with a home made tattoo gun and leather dye as ink back in like... 2008? Gosh I wish now me could go back and kick 2008 me square in the dick to smarten him up. lmao. Have a good one man.


no regrets! at least they have a history! a fashion-tribal would be something to regret I suppose... :P

good day to you, too sir! lol

Spot on Kyle...

I will probably get platinum a year from now and get to show off mine!!!

That's a really nice and unique steem ring. I upvoted, followed and resteemed :)

Nice to see that you joined the ring club.

That is Awesome , Nice Gift @steemit bro...

Looks great! I am little bit jelous

waa nice ring <3

That's fucking cool eh,
I was actually getting interested in the shells tho.
More shell pictures please :D

  ·  3년 전

lol! I could perhaps!


:D what?! they're cool! -.-
The ring is awesome looking tho


i hope this will also be my best year too. nice ring.

cool laptop!

An interesting surprise, @klye
a nice ring with a steemit logo.
The work you do will pay off, congratulations for you

Such a treat to read this man were on spot !

Good gift from dubai!

Finally the previous has arrived 😎👍

That ring looks sick!

you post sweet :)

Awesome ring!!!


That ring looks so cool. Great post.

"magical and tighter than your mom before prom"

Woah... that's a phrase I never wanted to hear!

Congrats on your engagement with STEEMIT.

That is a cool ring, congratulations on the ring and all the success on Steemit!

Do you still think we live on a spinning ball, that spin faster then the speed of sound???

  ·  3년 전

Sorry man.. but the flat earth theory is 100% disproven in my eyes.. I've been on a plane and at high enough altitude in my travels to actually see the curvature of the massive sphere shaped vessel we reside on.

Wish you'd do a bit more research or perhaps plan a climb of a mountain to see for yourself.. Claiming the earth is flat in this day in age is sort of like how the morons of the middle ages proclaimed the earth was the center of space... and that the sun revolved around it.. Kinda just makes the person look like they are unable to grasp science, physics, reality or thought..:/


What if I told you that you are repeating pseudo science and your bias to ridicule flat earth, is a programmed response?

You have never seen the curve from an airplane, either you thought you saw it, as you are so used to this idea or you where looking thought a distorted window.

real ballone no curve.png

3d math shows curve 1.png

3d math shows curve 2.png

The lie of the ball earth was made by masons, research it!

If you google "earth from space", all you get is CGI and cartoons! Moonlanding was a hoax. Nasa say they could go to the moon in the 60s, but can't today???

These are clues, not proofs, but the balloon photo is proof and there are 200 more proofs, look up Eric Dubay, FEA and ODD on youtube.

Know that the Flat Earth society is a psy-op made to mislead you and reject the truth about the flat earth, the flat earth society's videos are in the top of the search results, because the same people that promote the ball lie control search engine like google. All masonery and satanism... Hope you wake up to this truth soon... as I want you my friend on the right side of the truth.


The horizon is below the centre point of the fish eye lens and therefore is distorted in the opposite direction to the curve. This is why it looks flat. Balloon footage with fish eye lenses can only prove anything if the horizon crosses the centre point.

You can see that it's a fish eye lens if you watch the rest of the footage...

The way the ring was shining in the light is incredible. I would have been confused as all get out receiving a box of shells. I swear I thought you were going to start busting doobies out of the shells or something. @samether did a fantastic job.


jajajajajaja NICEEE!

Nice work. this is really great

Now that's class, the steemit ring of power. You may become to powerful to just be a witness now that you have power bling on your pinky, you may need to become "The Witness"

Very nice man! Super jealous!