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Hey @unleash, this seems almost like a 'goodbye' post and maybe it is for now in this form of yours, I do not know. It is however, really nice to know that the exercise of expressing yourself has been of benefit and that you feel something (big) has (been) lifted. I think your action of taking the initiative to speak out in this manner was not only courageous, but the Act of Power (your Power) to release this level of energy which was holding you back.

I'd like to caution you against false summits, for life has many, and I believe it is important to be cautious in assumptions of 'completion', for if not, one can take a nasty tumble. An awareness of the possibility of false summits does not detract from the heights one has already climbed. This is a reasonable assumption to make as well IMO, for there are great depths to experience and the subconscious. All cannot be revealed at once for fear of overload. There is the possibility of deeper levels to the basement. This is not to be feared IMO, for once the process of release is familiar (and there is an awareness of how one can direct this), each iteration can be dealt with as it comes naturally. The process is not infinite. I cannot ignore these thoughts and, having thought about it, feel it important to state (as just my opinion).

Fiction is another excellent tool for anonymous expression in plain sight. A personal story can be weaved through settings and characters that make it unrecognisable to everyone else, yet which can cathartically tell a tale that needs to be told but cannot be done so with the direct approach. It can also be used to describe a magic reality - a world where Pain is released in your chosen manner (and speed) using whatever words and concepts, and transformed into something Else (I find this bit hard lol ie imagining such a world, but it is there in my dreams and deepest yearnings. Words can give it some shape and that brings it closer to manifestation!). From what I have read, your style of writing is clear and your ideas are well expressed - you have all the linguistic tools to tell your story in all its subtle nuances, and in the manner you wish (above or below the level of visibility to others).

Telling is un-SPELLing

I'm delighted you like the image 🔆. I did 'steal' a couple from the internet for this collage: the stars and the girl (image search term 'freedom'), but actually that is accurate coz neither belong to anyone at all (such is 'Freedom' :). The candle is one that I used to have in my room - it is burned out now, and thus also 'Free' 🔆.

If this indeed be a closing post of sorts for @unleash, perhaps the door will remain open if required in future!? Anonymous self-expression in this chosen manner of yours can be a wonderfully self-empowering tool :).

See you around in one form or another Sister, though I may not be aware of who else you are on the blockchain. I am not curious about drawing connections that you yourself do not wish to be drawn.

🙏 🤗


I guess it did have an element of goodbye to it, but more of a goodbye to things I'd been clinging onto. I expect to use the account still, but not sure in what way yet. I will also be trying to read through more of of what's been shared. All of you have shared thoughts, perspectives and knowledge which have triggered realisations for me and that includes what you just said here. At the moment I'm still reassessing my relationship with my parents. I have said some things to let them know where I'm at with them emotionally and made it clear that I am withdrawing any dependence on them I may have still held onto.

That candle is amazing! Such a delicate latticework.

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