The Shopping Game- 07/01/2020


For shopping, you definitely need a budget. Right. But what if I tell you that if you pen down your shopping details along with legitimate bills to validate your shopping claim, then there is a dedicated tag #theshoppinggame which might get you covered up to $50. That's what all about #theshoppinggame

So here are my shopping details--

What was my budget for today's shopping?

I generally go for shopping grocery items every 10 days or so and for vegetables every 3 days or so. I don't have a refrigerator, that is why for vegetables I go out to buy very frequently.

But whatever be the case you need a budget. And in that part I have a very tight budget. Within that, I have to manage myself. So today my budget was up to a maximum of 200 INR(2.63 USD).

Where did I go for today's shopping?

For grocery items, I generally go to either Reliance Smart or Nutanwala Super Bazar. For today's shopping, I went to Nutanwala Super Bazar for grocery items and for vegetables I generally buy from street vendors or directly from farmers.

It is very obvious to note here that in a Supermarket, I will get a bill but the street vendors generally do not handout a bill.

Address of Nutanwala Super Bazar

4/35 Navdoor Sanchar Colony, Gulmohor, Bhopal, MP, India

It is around 1.5 Km from my home.

What I bought?

First off, I had a limited budget, so accordingly I planned. So in today's shopping I bought biscuits, jaggery, lemon, namkeen(Sev), Soap, Shampoo, etc.

2072 (6).JPG

2072 (7).JPG

2072 (8).JPG

What was the payment method?

You can pay either by Cash or Card. I paid for it by swiping my Debit Card.

I am also attaching herewith the bill for today's shopping. For lemon and Namkeen(Sev) I don't have a bill as they don't hand out a bill from where I bought it.

2072 (9).JPG

Summary of my Shopping

Here I have given the details in a tabulated format for better understanding. I have also calculated it in USD and STEEM.


So today's shopping cost me 2.248 USD or 10.8 STEEM roughly.

I went to the market with 2.63 USD and the total shopping cost me around 2.25 USD.

I have a wish to buy a mixer grinder which would cost me $50, and with my daily engagement in Steem Blockchain, I am earning & consolidating my SBD, and one day I would accomplish my wish. Steem earning will definitely fulfill that.

So that's all for today's #theshoppinggame. Thank you @steemitblog, for giving me an opportunity to partake in various challenges and initiatives of this season of #the100daysofsteem.

Thank you.

Steem on.

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Thank you for taking part in The Shopping Game on Steem.

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