Poker League Introduction Post


After following @sultnpapper's blog for a little while now, it has become clear to me that I am missing out on some real fun times at the Steem Poker League!


Now I am not a card shark (or whale, or even guppy for that matter) but I do love a game of poker.

This is my introduction post so that I can apply for an account and take part in the online tournaments.

I hope they accept me!

If you fancy popping along for a game too, you can check out the details and how to join at @spl's account on Steemit.

Thanks for popping by!

Much love, BB xx

A huge thank you to @zord189 for my bouncing bullies signature!

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I really hope that you can get accepted, the Steem Poker League is a great group of people and I am sure you will enjoy playing there.
Best of luck !!!


Thank you! 😀 good luck to you too! See you at the tables
BB ♥️

Hey,,,,,,glad to have you playing poker. More good poker players the better. Especially great looking women poker players.....Invite your friends.

celsius100 (steemit)
kryptokeeper (scorum and scorumpoker)


Awww thank you for the warm welcome! :D I thoroughly enjoyed our game earlier! I will invite everyone I know hehe
BB <3

Welcome to the SPL. It's the best community on Steemit. See you on the tables.


Thank you for the welcome @chops316! :D See you soon!

  ·  작년

Howdy there beautifulbullies! ha! that sounds like a fun thing and sultnpapper makes some good prizes from it so good luck to you!