State of The STEEM Engine, Volume 1

2년 전

Just a few weeks ago, The STEEM Engine was just a vision born out of the desire to promote undervalued content and promote engagement among Steemians across the platform. Officially launched on December 26, 2017, The STEEM Engine is now just over two weeks old. In that time, we've welcomed 163 members onto the train as Passengers, and we haven't stopped there. The group continues to grow as you're reading this post.

Therefore, I'd like to highlight just a few things from our group's brief history to encourage everyone moving forward.

Our group account, @thesteemengine currently sits just below the 2900 SP mark, which allows a full upvote worth of around $1.30 at current STEEM prices. Most of this value comes from delegations from members, so we thank those users for their generosity to our group.

Our earned STEEM power from curation posts continues to grow, as well. Our account has earned around 160 SP in the first two weeks, thanks to payouts from our first curation posts, which have generated an astounding $554 in post payouts (and counting). Posts to the group account are averaging almost 80 upvotes each, 17 comments, and payouts of $39.56, all without a single self-vote. (Stats via SteemTracked)

For those of you unfamiliar, our Discord server features a post-promotion channel only available to our members. Each time someone shares a post there, they must engage at least two other posts that have previously been shared in that channel by upvoting and commenting on them. If this is done properly, each post shared in the channel receives a 10% upvote from the group account. Furthermore, our curator, @EnchantedSpirit, seeks out the particularly special posts for inclusion in our group account curation posts, The Daily Whistle Stops.

In celebration of two weeks chugging down the tracks, it is my pleasure to announce the following statistics:

  • In just 15 days, @thesteemengine has voted on 343 posts.
  • Of the 343 votes, 218 were the 10% variety, adding an estimated $28 to our members' posts.
  • The Daily Whistle Stops have featured 125 posts by 51 different Steemians. Each of these posts received a 70-100% vote from the group account, which has added an estimated total $140 to the rewards of those members' posts.
  • Since its inception, The STEEM Engine group is responsible for almost $170 in rewards across Steemit.

We anticipate that these statistics will continue to increase as our posts make more headway and we gain more members. It has been quite encouraging to see the response we've gotten from many Steemians who are receiving many more quality engagements on their posts after sharing them in our Discord server.

I want to say thank you to everyone who has helped make The STEEM Engine initiative possible. Thank you to the leadership team in the Discord server, to those who have delegated SP to the group, to the members who continue to share quality content and interact with others, and to the other outside initiatives and users who have supported our cause thus far. We appreciate every contribution, no matter how big or small, and we look forward to growing with you in the future.

With humility and appreciation,

If you are interested in joining our community, we invite you to read more about the group by having a look at our introduction post, where you can find links to join our Discord server and apply to be a member of our community!

The STEEM Engine

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Steem on, Steem engine! @ironshield


We're going to keep Steeming until we can't anymore! We're glad you're aboard!

Way to pour the coal to The STEEM Engine Mr. Smith through this outstandingly transparent look at the group, progress, and the steemy details. I am raising my glass of un-sweet tea in a toast to what you and all of the other founders of the group have accomplished thus far.
Here is too continued success for all involved.


Shoveling coal may not be the most glamorous of jobs on the train, but someone has to do it, and I'm happy to, especially since it keeps the train going.

If I were also to raise a glass, it would be sweet tea, but your gesture is much appreciated. Our leadership team has made a point to be transparent and let everyone know that we're all about putting value back into our members' posts. I, too, hope for a successful journey. Thanks for your comment!

what you guys are doing is awesome! going to keep riding this train :)


Glad you're on board! We have certainly enjoyed seeing your many posts appear in our post promotion channel. I personally have enjoyed your music-related posts, so keep up the good work!

Yes Steem Engine Chug along!!! :)


We will just keep chugging along! Any excuse to use train language haha

This is such a high-quality way to increase engagement and build community. Happy to be involved!


We believe it's an excellent way to promote engagement. However, none of it would be possible without our members engaging each other. You all do most of the work, and we fall in behind and reward it! Thank you for your comment!

Cool, @thesteemengine! You guys are doing a fantastic job! I'm so glad to be involved with you.


We're happy to be able to support your curation initiative! Keep up the good work!

We have to make it bigger! Keep adding wagons to that train hahaha


Yes. We have had to add many more cars to the train to increase capacity for all of our great new passengers! But that's no problem. We're happy to be growing, and we hope that we'll continue to promote engagement and activity among our members across Steemit! Thank you for your comment!

Very glad to find this post and join your discord group. I believe this is an amazing initiative. I read the first post you made 16 days ago and now I'm fully aware of the project. I look forward to contributing with you all to better engage the community. Thank you.

I love this! It's always nice to know exactly what is going on in the groups that you're in. The transparency is great - thanks for putting this together. Love being aboard this train.


You're very welcome! I enjoyed getting to look at these statistics myself. I had no idea we had accomplished so much in such a small amount of time. Thanks for all of your help so far with the group!


I love helping with the group! :) It's a great group. Thanks for leading the way, Conductor...or do you have a different title. I forget. :)

The Discord setup was done very creatively by the founders and is a treat to visit.

I am grateful for having discovered this honest to goodness group dedicated to making the Steemit experience an all round worthwhile one!


We are glad you're along. Thanks for the kind words about our Discord server. I hope you'll drop in and say hello very often!


Mmmm...I'm that quiet one sitting one side, enjoying the company and loving every single chatter nevertheless!

Glad to be aboard this train with an excellent crew and fellow riders
Full Steem ahead captain


We're certainly glad to have you aboard, Jay. Thanks for your encouragement!


Enjoy the vote and reward!



and we only started out! we will grow together and we gonna attract many more quality members. When someone who has either quality content and nobody checks him out or authors that are bored the ''good post'' comments see this initiative they will run in order to get involved! thanks a lot to all the guys behind it that work really really hard and to all those quality content makers!


We're glad you're along with us. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. It's greatly appreciated! Be sure to refer any other great content creators you know to our group. We'd love to have them!

Full steem ahead guys towards a fantastic journey :)


Indeed! I'm not sure that we'll ever take our foot off the throttle! Glad to have you along!

You guys are the best!! Thanks for all you do!


It's our pleasure, @derosnec. We're glad to have you as a passenger, so keep up the good work!

That's awesome. I am so glad to be on board the train <3


We're certainly glad you're on board with us!

Having bad taste in my mouth for group promotion along with ethical concerns, I must say that @thesteemengine so far has a ... good track record. The manual votes is a big plus. I realize that it's more work that bot-mania, but it's honest work.

In reality, our closest followers and ourselves have always mutually supported each other out reciprocity and high sociology. Having it a bit more organized does not hurt.

Always remember the wrecks of others and learn from them and be a good conductor. [insert ancient Chinese gong being struck]


The train pun is noted and appreciated.

We're doing our best to be accountable to the members while maintaining high standards for where we cast our votes. I believe we've done a great job so far, and I appreciate your support of our initiative.

We hope to avoid any major derailing events, so I'll do my best to maintain our course!

I love the chugga chugga steemengine 😉

I wish you good luck for your passion and perseverance


It is very much appreciated, @emiliocabrera. The same to you.

Wonderful recap and information for current and prospective members. Love the transparency and being a part of this diverse and creative group :)


Thank you very much. It's always nice to read reports on how things are doing. I honestly had not considered many of these statistics before I sat down to look at them for this post. It's encouraging to see the success we've had so far, largely due to our fantastic members! Glad you're aboard!

Those are amazing stats for only having been around for 2 weeks!

Looks like you guys are on the right track(no pun intended).

Thanks for letting me be part of this. Looking forward to contributing to the commumity and growing along side the great members :)


We're glad you're along for the journey with us!

I'm very happy with how far we've come over the past 2 weeks. Here's to the next two and beyond!


Thanks a lot, man!

Will be doing my best to support the community and. Create good content

I'm promoting @thesteemengine to all new awesome minnows. I think it's a great way to start a community that helps each other. Thanks for setting this up!


We believe the best way to help each other is by engaging each other. So we're glad for every post you share with us! Thanks for promoting us to other Steemians! We hope to grow the community so we can make an even bigger impact across Steemit.

How cool is that?? I had no idea this was so new. You guys have impressive organizational skills. I wouldn’t know where to start! Glad to be a part of it all :)


Yes! We just got started down the tracks, but we're glad to be making an impact already. I have to say that it was a lot of hard work getting started, but we've had a lot of help along the way, especially from the people who have delegated STEEM Power to make our votes count.

We hope to see more great content from you in the future!

Alright now this is pretty damn cool... How do I sign up... I love curating and commenting..

WOW! I really like the structure yall have here!

Thanks @the steemengine for trying to value underdogs. i know the project is going to be big soon.


Does your bot vote for every post in #post-promotion room? because I didn't get upvote from @thesteemengine


Hi @erikaflynn, we do the bot voting manually, so it's possible yours got overlooked. How long ago did you share the post? Sometimes the votes trail a couple of days past when you share your post in post promotion. We'll definitely make it up to you!


It was yesterday, just before your post in that room. I thought it is an automatized process, of course I can wait a couple of days. Thanks!