Whole World according to me..My Imagination..My thinking..My perspective..[First Post]

4년 전

Today, I was sitting in the front door of my house. I saw two kids. They were returning from schools and where going back to home. They were happy enjoying with no tension, no stress of the world. They were lost in their own world and was having no sadness of real life problems.. Seeing them, they brought smile to my face. My face slowly began to smile with my lips spreading side ways. I also started to recollect the memory of my school days.

My thoughts were like "WOW", "How nice was those days?", What if I can go back to those days that has no worries.

I remember that when I was a kid, I use to thought of how this world has been made of? How is it operating? How can we define that the world is this?

Remembering that, I began the thinking of how can we define the whole world, the universe, the planets, the sun, our whole solar systems, Galaxy etc.

Then, the idea came into my mind that is the whole world an Atom. Then, I thought yes we can compare the world with atom.

Atom is the smallest particle that makes any matter. Means Each and everything is made up of ATOM. Though different material or element has different configuration of ATOM, But yes they are made up of ATOM.

Then I compare atom with our solar system. As the electron revolves around the nucleus, our planets revolves around the SUN. So, electrons are compared with planets and Sun is compared with nucleus that has proton. Then slowly slowly I came to a conclusion that we can define whole solar system as an ATOM.

Now, I started thinking that how can we relate the remaining stars meteors, galaxy with Atom.

Than the Idea struck that, as element or any material is made up of infinite numbers of atom, is our galaxy that same.

Means, are we a part of a single atom with many infinite number of atom surrounding us in galaxy. Means is each star a atom that has there own solar system, planets and sun like in ATOM.

So, summarizing I came to my conclusion that we are a part of ATOM surrounded by many atoms and the whole collection of atom makes the material. So, we are in a ATOM of certain material.

There is a loop holes in my thinking that, Atom has many numbers of electrons in a single orbit but, our solar system has only one planet(electron in atom) in each orbit. But, we can conclude that our solar system,means our ATOM has different configuration then that of the ATOM we have studied.

This is my first post on Steemit. This is the thinking of mine. You can like, up-vote my most as you like or dislike.

Pleas leave your comment on how you think the world is made up of.


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lol, I used to think in the same way, after giving it much of a thought I use to just distract my self to some else and save myself from overthinking :)... Nice post @megabot !

Nice post!! @megabot
I enjoyed it

I loved your imagination brother, but the loop hole of one elctron in an orbit is like just a possibility of our solar system only and maybe there are other systems having more than one planet orbitting in same orbit at a distance we just dont know so carry on your quest and find the answers brother bot :]

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