ThorSwap : MOST POWERFUL decentralized crypto asset exchange platform BY THOR NETWORK

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About ThorSwap
ThorSwap is a decentralized crypto asset exchange platform powered by Thor Network team. It has planned to support include the anonymous exchange of spot digital assets, limit orders, market orders, auctions of non-fungible assets, and etc., and will continue to improve based on the market demand in the future, such as establishing a decentralized trading market for derivatives

About THT Token :
Thor Network and the token used on TSCare very important parts in the Thor ecosystem of cryptocurrency trading.THT is a non-refundable functional token that does not represent equity, dividends, titles or return on investment in any way, nor does it give THT holders any promise to fees, income, profits, or return on investment, nor does it represent a foundation, or the assets of a subsidiary or other company. THT can only be used in Thor Network-related systems and has no other rights. In addition, THT holders must understand and accept the following properties of THT:1.THT is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash (or other equivalent virtual currency), nor can it be redeemed for any other form that is essentially a payment commitment fromThor Networkor its affiliates;2.THT does not represent or grant to the token holder any rights in respect of the income or assets of the Thor Networkor its affiliates, including future income, shares, ownership, equity, collateral, voting, distribution, redemption, liquidation or ownership that include intellectual property rights, financial, legal or equivalent rights or intellectual property rights related to the Thor Networkor any other related rights;3.THT does not represent currency (including electronic money), assets, commodities,claims, debt instruments or any other type of financial or investment instrument;4.THT is not a loan from the Thor Networkor its affiliates. It does not represent any debt owed by Thor Networkor its affiliates, nor does it have any expectations for profit;5.THT does not provide the token holder with any ownership or other interest or rights of the Thor Networkor its affiliates.
www.thornetwork.org61/ 67AHolders of THT tokens will have no economic or legal rights or interests on any of the Thor Network assets or revenues.In addition, THT's trading activities on the secondary trading markets or exchanges are completely independent of the Thor Network, THT's issuing processand the operation of Thor Networkecosystem. Thor Networkwill not establish the above secondary trading market, nor will it establish an exchange for the exchange of THT.

THT Usage, Additional Issuance and Destruction:
In the Thor Network ecosystem, THT will be used in the following scenarios:1.Offset the transaction fees ofvarious appsin Thor Network;2.As a mortgage asset in Thor Network collaboration walletsand nodes;3.As an equity representative in the voting process of communityfor governance;4.Occasions determined by other communities where THT can be used;Thor Networkwill providetechnology platformsfor cross-chain asset exchange. In order to promote cooperation, we do not rule out the possibility to issue THT tokens on other public chains, but the Thor Network teamwill ensure that the total amount remains the same –if THT token is issued on other public chains, then the same number of ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum will be destroyed simultaneously.Additional issuance might be required if the amount of THT is insufficient to support the development of the whole ecosystem. The adding plan will be decided by the original THT holders under the supervision of the community.

THT’s Economic Model:
Here, we use the Fisher formula modified by Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin to describe the value of a token:MC=TH
www.thornetwork.org62/ 67Among them: M –total issuance number of coins;C –token unit priceT –trade volumeH –holding time by token usersAccording to the above formula and the usage scenario of THT, the price of THT can be expressed as the following function:P=F(V,M,R,C,H)Among them:P –THT unit price (US dollar)V –total transaction volume on Thor Network (US dollar)M –THT circulation amountR –Thor Network average transaction fee (assuming one thousandth)C –total transaction volume of trading pairs denominated in THT (US dollar)H –the average THT holding time by users (days)

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