I'm killing time, waiting for the first service to get done on my new vehicle. Usually I would get a loan car but as it's only the initial check-up it'll only take an hour or so.

In the past I've owned some nice cars purchased from well-known and desirable manufacturers. This vehicle is a Toyota though, just for work. A sturdy, reliable and conservatively styled vehicle.

So, I've had some pretty good service-centre experiences over the years. Coffee, chocolate or biscuits, nice music, flat screen TV's, plush lounges and the like. I've also had some terrible experiences, mainly from a customer service aspect. You see, sometimes once these prestige manufacturers get your business they seem to drop the ball, and certainly the service standard.

I am pleased to say that Toyota, not a prestige manufacturer, did an excellent job in welcoming me and my vehicle to their service department today. The advisor was friendly, polite and accommodating. He advised on where I could sit, get a cappuccino and cookie and even get WIFI so I can continue to work. He did all of this with a smile on his face.

It was refreshing to see in a world where it seems retail and service staff generally look at people as an inconvenience or approach their job with a heavy dose of disgruntlement.

So now, instead of working, I'm posting on steemit and enjoying a cappuccino and chocolate chip cookie!

Thanks for reading.

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