Decentralized thoughts in a centralized world...

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There are times where I am having wild thoughts / dreams. Thoughts that, even if 10% of what I am dreaming -while I am awake- come true then the world we know will seize to exist. But how close are we?

Whenever you look at in the real world, left or right, everything is centralized.

Fiat money end up in the hands of the selected few. Personal data...the same. You've been "tracked" from the very first second you walk out of your house...if not in it too...even our damn phones gather information...

So while almost everything in real life point in a specific direction, a whole new world of opportunities can make what a few years back seemed impossible...possible. This is the crypto world.

I guess that if someone dared to say that we will step on the moon 100 years back he would probably end up being crucified or something.

How about all of us, who have been screaming and shouting to fiends and neighbors and colleagues that the world is here is a chance to be part of something great...? I for one get that very same response and that very same look when I try to convince people that cryptos is the future. I am crucified too...just not on a cross.

People think that they know everything...but the truth is that they don't. They know shit...they are completely uninformed and uneducated when it comes to crypto. And I don't blame see even if they have the basic knowledge about it, most are also too cowards to dare something new.

We are still at the very beginning of a revolution that will change the world we know...and it will be bumpy all the way till the end...for that, I am certain of. I just hope that cryptos will eventually hold the upcoming "war"

Whenever a big change was about to take place in history, it was always accompanied by a bloodbath. Exactly like in our case. A look at the prices is see the bloodbath I am talking about. And it might get worse...a lot worse.

But this is exactly the reason why I feel that we are on the right path. Because whenever they are afraid of a change and whenever they sense that there is a threat around, they always act the same way. They fight it by all means.

I just hope that we'll hold tight...


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No revolution, my friend.
Guys with money will buy crypto.
Don't full yourself.


You could be very right. The big banks (with JP Morgan "leading the way") already doing it. And manipulating it already as well ....


It's not just banks.


Then mass adoption is a lie, right?
Because masses are those who are holding the 1% of the global wealth...
If cryptos are destined to be in the hands of those who posses fat wallets then it's no different than fiat...totally centralized.

I have higher expectations to be honest...time will tell..


It'll be the same as with fiat or any commodity, bonds or stocks. People with money will acquire crypto.
My advice is to lower your expectations but you're right.
Time will tell.


I have no expectations at all actually...just some crazy thoughts from time to time.
Survival of crypto is good enough for me and who knows, the future might surprise both of us...

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