The Final Countdown

2개월 전


As the moving day draws nearer and nearer, the number of micro decisions that need to be made are never-ending. Things like electronics to pack in the hand-carry vs the check-in luggage vs to ship. Meals and laundry on the last day. What to wear on the second last day since we won't have access to a washing machine from Thursday onwards. Lucky it is cold already and no one sweats!

But as long as the important things are settled properly, I suppose it is ok to let a little slide here and there. Impossible to get things perfect. What's crucial now is settling the money supply for the first 2 months while we get our bank accounts set up as well as the important documents that we would need for the identification card conversion.

Still haven't gotten around to saying the goodbyes and I am not sure if I will have time to meet up in the end. PCR test looming and hope to get that out of the way as well. Clearance there would be another major headache settled. What would be unnecessary is having missing documents or a positive covid test even though everyone is fine and vaccinated.

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