Only the best quality is good enough…

3년 전

Only the best quality is good enough…
There are no software without bugs, there are bad testers.
Software doesn’t like to be badly tested.
There are always too much bad testers, while good testers are always not enough.
Software bugs grow out of the developer incompetence.
Good developers fix the bugs first and then start to code, while bad developers start to code first and then seek to fix the bugs.
Bad developer destroys software like a good tester, while bad tester causes no harm like a good developer.
Bad tester always seeks for a bugs, while bugs always seek for a good tester.
Tester shouldn’t be afraid to easily destroy to the ashes everything that developer is so hardly afraid to commit.
Good developers always check out each check-in.
In minor mood you’ll never find a major bug.
Latest bug doesn’t exists — each next bug is next to the last only.
Test your software, or your users will.
Testing delayed is testing denied.
Bug hunting is an art, and you need to be a master.
In God we trust, the rest we test.

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