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Something that has changed with my return to the Steem blockchain is that I am being more liberal when it comes to sharing ideas, as well as less perfectionist. The reason is that while I value having longer and essay-type publications, I am giving more importance to personal growth and progress than to the production of publications. And for this it is better to share any idea I have, no matter what short it is than to create a finished publication. Especially because I have nothing finished now.

Steem can be a ladder if you imagine that. Where other people's ideas as well as yours can have a lasting influence on their recipients. And where each post is a step to something higher.

But first you need to consider Steem as a means and not as an end. And consider each publication not as the last, the result of a finished thought, but as the first, seed and germ of a future thought.

To stop this it is necessary to share ideas, and start the engines of a small revolution that can arouse the head of any reader. Remember that you only need to change one person to change the world, and that is achieved with one idea at a time.

Sharing ideas is detaching yourself from them, and letting them circulate freely in the minds of many. It is setting aside your I, and bringing the we. It is to place group development above personal ambitions.

Sharing ideas is a simple act whereby ideas cease to be yours, if they ever were, and paves the way to change and influence other people, as well as to grow personally.

The ideas I have are not new, and they are not finished. They are simple, like yours, I guess. But not for that they lack value. And moreover if they look not as a revelation, which will suddenly change the way you see everything, but rather as a doubt, that will gradually cement your future thoughts.

In this way, thinking ceases to be the most important, and the idea ceases to be the first, to give its position to your personal growth and development.

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