Some thoughts on life, death and survival

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Something that I don't like about the theory of evolution is that it seems to reduce the human to a simple animal in search of survival, this theory says that everything the human does, all his actions, all his feelings, all his thoughts, can be explained by biological and survival reasons, that everything from forming complex societies to simple things like using a deodorant, we do it to survive, this has led many to say, although it is not implicit in the theory, that the human is capable of doing anything to survive, even the most despicable things, because if we have evolved thousands of years simply to guarantee our survival, it is to be expected that life is the most precious asset we have. Life is about survival, they say. But I don't agree with that, life can't be about surviving, because, yes, we try to survive, and then what? What do we want to survive for? What do you do after surviving? Keep surviving? Obviously we want life to do something else. It does not make sense to live simply to survive, and that the goal of life is to stay alive. We want to survive for something, there is a reason why we want to stay alive, there may even be many, what we cannot say is that there is no reason to live, and that we only live to live, which is not answering anything, and also, is denying the human his distinctive characteristic that separates him from other animals, his reason, that is to say that the human is an irrational animal that lives for no reason by simple fear of death, by a simple survival instinct, but that after living, it does nothing with life because it has no reason to live, which is absurd. Life is not about survival, we survive for something, there is a reason.

Also, life was not created on earth, it did not begin to exist, for no reason, there is obviously some purpose that life on earth fulfills and that living beings need to fulfill, it is not simply to stay alive.

Nor do I agree with those who say that humans are capable of doing anything to survive, that's a modern myth, that each person, put in the right conditions, can become a monster to survive, and is capable of killing innocents, or worse. But it is not true, there are millions of examples in the world that show the opposite, that show people willing to sacrifice their lives to defend ideas, to defend values, to defend people, and many other things. People who have died fighting for things like freedom, and that they show that only living is not what matters to humans, but living well, and that for many people a miserable life is better not to be lived.

Because it is not worth sacrificing everything to live. We can sacrifice good to live and do evil, we can sacrifice justice to live and be unjust, we can sacrifice freedom to live and submit ourselves to slavery, we can sacrifice love to live and lose everything we love, and much more, but then, can we call what remains life? I think that it is not worth living like that, sacrificing everything that makes life matter.

Perhaps if we stopped being so afraid of death and began to accept it as the inexorable destiny of human, we could truly understand the meaning of life.

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