How to comb without a comb?

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One time, they took me to hospitalization forgot to comb
it would hospitalization from moment to moment, even took me in her nightgown breathlessly
took only the medical records and underwear and soap and this
morning came Snatr and helped me showered Saturday morning, brought me a shirt clean
and comb combed my head with The fingers went on like this for about a week,
and then my aunt asked me why you are not combed.
I replied brazenly that I do not have a comb, I always give them toiletries, this time they did not let me.
She went down to the pharmacy. She brought me a toothbrush, a shampoo and a comb, and
I went with her to the shower. head in the sink and combed me
and then laughed really should not comb your hair short
has been to I left the house a few months my hair took and I have to try to collect it
And now needs a brush to straighten the curls he has grown, and also pick it up in the earphones
until I get to the book he will tell me again as short as he likes

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This was told my friend in school

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Good job