Thoughts from a Bathtub | Steem as a lifelong committment

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The moment I realized it, there was no going back. I had taken my cellphone to what was supposed to be a relaxing bath.

It was an automatic decision, I didn´t even thought about it. I took my cellphone because it seems like every spare moment and all of my free time goes to checking up on Steem, other communities, posts, to-do-list regarding OCD and Steem Onboarding, keeping up with discord and it´s politics, my own post ideas and brainstorming and defining future steps.

I visited my family a few months ago and their honest feedback was that I spend too much time online, I was supposed to interact with them while visiting them but all the time I was pegged to my cellphone or my PC. I know for a fact that next time I go visit, I will take a few hours off from Steem every day; a while back I tried to make it work with a Turkish girl and my complete addiction to checking my cellphone mid-conversation and sometimes even completely ignoring her sent that relationship attempt into the toilet.

Before Steem, every bus riden, subway and tram taken, meant a new opportunity to check out the landscape, admire the city, observe other people, have a conversation with a stranger and sometimes even read a book but now, that time is spent on something Steem related; before Discord, walking to a place, sitting on a bench in a park, drinking a coffee on a table on the outside part of a shop, eating a sandwich at subway or those minutes before sleeping meant time for Eric to think, meditate or relax, now they are for checking discord messages.

Sometimes I get posts out of these moments. If you know about me, you know that I publish a lot of Thoughts from a... kind of posts. The only reason I do it is because somehow I feel the drive, the need to express what is happening on my mind at that exact moment and at the same time, get some Steem out of all these hours and hours spent daily thinking and doing Steem related stuff.

All of these thoughts are being thought of on a bathtub while I´m supposed to be relaxing and not thinking about anything.

I just finished a conversation with @acidyo exactly about this topic, because I mentioned him that I stupidly brought my phone to the bath. Before ending the conversation and trying (unsuccesfully) to not think about Steem, it went down to a simple idea:

I really hope Steem moons. Can you imagine all the hours and hours spent by hundreds of people, trying to make Steem Blockchain a better place?

It doesn´t matter if they are developers, community focused people, content creators, curators, game consumers or any other Steemian type out there. I know at least 200 people who have spent countless hours trying to make a reality what theorically is Steem.

What if Steem never moons?

What if all this effort, passion, hours spent, blood shed, sweat and long nights in the end mean nothing and Steem never breaks the $1 barrier again?

Shit, what if the price goes down to $.08 and those 25k Steem I bought at $.82 are worthless?

With all the FUD around crypto in general, the trash talk towards Steem from within that same steem community, the public opinion of Steem among other variables, it´s easy to become desperate when you see the price is not moving.

Hell, it´s even hard to not get disappointed or maybe even believe you are investing yourself into something that will never pay off, especially when this meme is accurate as fuck:


In the past year and a half I saw OG and highly rewarded Steemians hype ONO who left Steem or even used our interface to shill EOS and ONO and then come back once it didn´t work out (and stupidly, they are still getting rewards on Steem, God, how easily people forget).

I have heard of Smoke, Whaleshares, Veku and who the fuck knows how many other Steem clones are out there. I know a lot of people turned their back on Steem for one of these blockchains/platforms. I even opened an account on Smoke and posted a bit, but I never neglected my Steem performance nor my Steem committment went down. All those people who left will come back, believe me. And I won´t be there to support them, I hope you do the same.

There are some concerns about the new social media based on a "Steem competitor Blockchain* coming out next month and probably some Steemians will try it out, some others will completely leave Steem, some will come back, some maybe won´t.

I don´t care about those people and I don´t care about those other platforms

I´m in for the long run. I have a complete trust on Steem and the eventual moon. I will continue to keep building on the Steem Blockchain as much as my abilities and knowledge allow me to. I´m not selling in the near future. I´m now holding almost 60k Steem and the goal is 100k by June 2020. I don´t mind all those hours invested, all those potential relationships lost and I don´t care about the FUD out there, I will keep doing what I´m doing.

I don´t say HODL, I say HOLD, because for me it´s easy to hold it. I don´t need to hold on for dear life because despite everything that I mentioned above...

Steem is a lifetime committment and I am all in for Steem.

And you know what? If you are a bit intelligent, you should do the same

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Careful bro, showing your leg in a bath tub can be very dangerous on this blockchain ;)

Yeah, I've seen people write long and sustained attacks on Medium about Steem for months and then posting an "I'm back" post here. I saw a post like that and challenged them about the articles they'd been writing elsewhere. The irony is, this person even said they NEVER invested a single penny, but took out "thousands of dollars to finance travelling the world".. they then went ahead and called this place a "scam". Imagine that.

It's one thing if you've actually been scammed. It's another thing if you've been handed loads of FREE money which you blew instead of invest, and now complain that "other people" are earning more than you.

Anyway, like you, I'm riding this Steem rocket to the moon :)


I couldn't help it, @soyrosa asked for more naked pics from me and I saw the chance to deliver haha

That's the thing, I don't mind if they attack, talk trash or even shill other Blockchains on their steem blog or any other place, but please, don't come back acting as if that never happened :/

Don't walk out on Steem and then expect the same support you had when you were fully involved and when that doesn't happen, talk trash about the same community you abandoned.

I think I have some theories about who you're speaking about :P

To da moon man! Thanks for dropping by :)


Ohhh FINALLY the bottom half! :') Sooo pretty.



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i am one of the newer generations of users i'd say. investing a bit in the beginning and now working really hard for the steem i get. so i don't understand people behaved like this back in the days. they'll regret it probably


Right now earning 10 steem per post means being succesful. In the beginning, people were making tens of thousands of Steem per month, and some of those users (gladly just a small % of them) already left and sold everything. There are some horror stories I don´t really care to share, but knowing how some people are, we are better off without them :D

It's great to see newish content creators like you and some others I was lucky to meet with the blocktrades sponsored contest, that kind of content creators is exactly what we need right now.


I also know such people. Easily made thousands of dollars here during the golden times and then called this place everything from scam to the filthiest social media ever. Talk about hypocrisy at its finest... :/


Apart from hipcoresy, I would call those people ungrateful, entitled and cynical beings. It is what it is and not everyone has the same standards and life values but hey, let them be gone, we don´t need them on the moon ;)

I think with the new management the situation and prospect of our platform is much better. Costs of running a node were dramatically reduced, and the next step is Communities and SMT's. Even without SMT's we have Steem Engine which is a token factory. Tokenisation of everything imaginable is about to take place. It's already started of course. Let's check in in 5 years, shall we?

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Fully agree with that, I mean there are regular updates now & things get done. I'm really digging the interview they're posting on Youtube. I just wish the mainstream crypto news websites would pick up on some of the news.


I'm wondering how tokenization will affect people's earnings...


I believe that the same as ICO's will happen, first we'll see tons of worthless tokens and projects with no real value/revenue/business model, and then we'll see the good ones. This is still the trial period for most things happening on Steem, so all we can do is keep building and at the same time trying to keep informed about things happening around :D


Yes, I'm thinking about having my token for my Secrets of Organ Playing and Pinky and Spiky communities.

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Steem is a lifetime committment and I am all in for Steem.


My plan is to never power down. If/when Steem moons, liquid rewards should provide a nice income stream.


That's a very inteligent way of looking at it. Right now I have a passive income of 100 usd per month, and the Steem price is .34, can you imagine when it is $10? As you say, powering up, not powering down and having a long term vision while stacking as much as possible is the way to go, at least for me.

Great post! It is indeed hard to predict what the future brings! But we cannot ignore the fact that the Steem blockchain is in much better shape than 6 to 8 month ago!
More and more dapps do appear! Some successfull other euhm more like a scam!
But this is the evidence of the increase interest of the people in steem! Maybe even a sign of confidence!
It would be great to see a contender for Steemmonsters, one of the flagships of the Steem Blockchain!
Just like you I am commited the only difference is the time we are here and euhm the amount of our SP :)

Keep on grinding!


The blogging Frontends, just like the new Dapps based on the blockchain are still quite new and very promising. I like seeing a whole ecosystem being developed that started with content creators but now is expanding to several different markets/target audiences.

The only thing we can keep going is holding that steem, no matter if it's a little or a lot!

Good times ahead!

Im having problems to manage my time in an efective way. I totally understand what you mean, im used to read a lot when i was "young" and know its hard to find the time to do so. Mostly because i used to read on dead times as short travels in the city, also i have a little library on the bathroom (just a few books) but i find myself with the cellphone on my hands almost every time. Also all those videos... I can learn by watching videos (and i like learning, like a lot)

And i need to read more in order to improve my skills at writing, but i want to engage more with steemians, and i need time to write and create the images for my post.

Not to mention that i have to work!

Guess its a matter of finding the right place and the right moment. But is hard to keep up-to-date with all the steem projects. Preety exited about yesterday announcement

We should oficially say goodbye to ned?

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Well, sometimes I feel frustrated when I see steem price because I am giving almost 5-8 hours here or whenever I can I totally give my time here. But to be honest because of community because of people I am here. Whenever I see community people, whenever I see good post from an author I feel motivated and good. And that is the beauty of Steem Blockchain, the people, the communities... I hope one day steem price will rise and lot's of people's dream will be fulfilled....


same here you said my words

I'm right there with you! I have an account on Smoke and Scorum and even posted a bit there, but never neglected nor forgot Steem and that won't happen either. I'm sure there will be others, as there are now, but I will never turn my back on Steem or the people since both completely changed my life. Steem all the WAY! (I mean, I could never back out now that I have one half of the kids here as well). I did say I wouldn't power down, but may have to break this promise since SF4 is going to be a bit more expensive than the others, and there's NO WAY I will miss it. Actually planning to travel Asia for a bit. But then again, a lot can happen between now and then, so I might not have to power down after all. It won't make that much difference any way.

There are some concerns about the new social media based on a "Steem competitor Blockchain* coming out next month and probably some Steemians will try it out, some others will completely leave Steem, some will come back, some maybe won´t.

Are you referring to MEOS, an EOS social media platform based on EOS blockchain that's coming this June on their big announcement?


I was waiting for the first sucker to take the bait.




I heard those rumors on some YouTubers.

I guess its about the developers and the community that matters.
Even if EOS have lots of reserves to pay for developers, it all boils down to trust.
I guess STEEM already build this trust and it rooted already as well as in community building.
This is our advantage, communal trust.


We have a 3 year old community, that's an advantage pretty hard to compete with. Now let´s use it on our favor :)

Today my vote is worth nothing, my drive decline but I never give up on hope, I hardly do a post sometimes, but I still remember my posts in 'seem to the moon', I sure belive that one day. The last strike of the hammer breaks the stone but that doesn't mean the first strike was a waste. Am still here to also tell the success story of steem.

Steem to the moon


The best you can keep doing is not lose momentum/drive and keep doing what you were doing before this decline :)


Yes bro, I'll, making plans, starting promo-steem soon

There will be more than enough room for all of then platforms and the potential for sharing content across them will only increase the value being created here! All in from the tub to the moon!

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The thing that I like, and that we´ve discussed in the banana room, is that every site like this is using Steemit or busy as the bar to beat, the moment this stops then we might have something to worry about.

Que bueno leerte...

A pesar de que de momento estamos sufriendo y con el Jesús en la boca por los actuales precios creo que ahora más que nunca es importantisimo seguir posteando y creando contenido.

Tanto así que a pesar de que de momento estoy en perdidas, estos han sido los días más activos y en los que más he ganado estando aquí en Steemit.

Un saludo y a seguir disfrutando y escribiendo.

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La cosa es verlo a largo plazo hermano, podremos estar en perdida hoy en día, pero en realidad depende de en que fecha decidas vender. Mientras no vendamos, no hemos perdido, simplemente sigue invertido :D

Steem is a lifetime committment and I am all in for Steem.

Does that mean we are going to see you at SF4? Keep a tight grip on that phone, those suds look slippy.


Sadly yes, you will have to put up with me another Fest :P
Does it also mean that you'll be there? :D


It's looking that way, my friend @goblinknackers is also up for it. He's a newbie and my Urbex henchman.

Well, I don´t have a bathtub but if I had one, I am sure I would have the same ideas in there too :) It doesn´t happen to me veryoften that I agree with every single line in a relatively long Steem free write but this is the case. Well thought, well written. 100% with you on these points man. Been here some 1.5 year now, never stopped steeming, never stopped believing, never powered down...

I am on steem everyday, every spare time too. Steem is also the reason why I choose communting daily instead of driving my car. While stack on traffic I steem. Wasted time become productive in a way of learning something new.

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I have been less around but it had not anything to do with steem situation. More than the prices I miss the "buzz", the discord megagathering and silly fun along with everyone. I don't know if price will or will not recover, but I'll be happy if the "buzz" is back :) if you know what I mean :) Cos it's like that delicious foam ... by the way I don't have a bathtub, that pic made me jealous


A year and a half ago, when I was just 100% blogging, my favorite part of the day I was finding wifi and getting to chat with the different communities and private chats I was part of. I can't really do that anymore except on a few chat rooms but I still like it. I realize the discord buzz might be a little low nowadays but believe me, it will come back!

It was the first time I took a bath like that in iirc more than a decade :P i Hope I can take another one soon, this time without cellphone in hand hahaha.


Haha yes drop that cellphone and drift away. I miss having a proper bathtub bath. I struggle to sleep and a hot bath never failed to make me sleepy.
Well I have not the time myself as I had, but I like to feel the activity, the shows and such. I think. I even have my now pretty deserted room but I agree there are cycles. Engagement though was always meant to be here right in the blockchain and sometomes we would chat and forget that. Sorry in advance for typos, writing from phone is hard

Steemit has been a part of our live.

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I couldn't agree more with everything I just read man. Its been a long ride

I thinking like Scotty......power up💪☺


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agree with you we are true steemians

Well, at least you're keeping the steem confined to one room. Sorry, couldn't help myself.

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That sexy foot was total clickbait 😂

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muy buena publicación, es inevitable despegarse de las redes sociales y medios electrónicos