3 Golden Nuggets a day - an update of the Method of Learning

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My one golden nugget:

When talking to children we use the zone of proximal development. Tell people thinks that you know and associate them to things that you don't know. Anything that is dramatic in structure keeps you on the edge of attention.

  • How To's:

Jim Kwik: Speed Reading, Memory, & Superlearning

My one golden nugget:

learning is not a spectator sport, in order to be learning you need to be active, take notes. There is a learning curve as well there is a forgetting curve. Takes notes of what you are learning as well as notes of your impressions of what you learned!

All learning is state (mood) dependent.

Questions are the answer to learning !

  • Biography:

Jason Goldberg (Pepo, Fab.com) intros Simple Token for apps to launch branded crypto tokens

My one golden nugget:

You can always do mistakes in business, but you can't recover from integrity mistakes.

My one impression:

  • Don't get caught up with your failures, draw your conclusions quick, tell everyone and move on.
  • Stop your mind from complaining about the present.

Reading Lists

I am building a list of books on airtable.

There are books that I reread regularly, but at the moment I read new books in trying to identify the best books to reread while trying to push my learning boundaries. So far I got to organise my future reading in 6 lists, main readings for each time of the day:

and 3 lists of books that look interesting but haven't got enough information for them:

For people who just wanted to know how to choose what to read by Tai Lopez' talked of principles.

Do you have a book or resource that would like to see what nuggets I can get out from for you ?

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