3 Golden Nuggets a day - on Programming with Types

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  • Classic Read

Functional Programming Languages

My one golden nugget:

  • types make a programming language "honest"

My one impression:

  • I always wonder how I can make my experience programming more pleasant when writing types. So far I only feel better when writing and defining types then when I would be defining unit tests, type invariants are awesome.

  • How To's:

Python Type Checking

Between me having a look at the video above and posting it, youtube or the author has taken down the video. Can't wait for the era of immutable internet...
Here is an alternative video on the same subject:

My one golden nugget:

  1. Use "Protocol" for defining Objects with a required attribute/method e.g. render method on views

  2. add mypy to CI to run with Unit Tests

  3. use monkeytype to auto-detect types and apply them

  4. upgrade to 3.7 for more type upgrades

  • Biography:

10 Years in the Life of a Software Engineer (digital nomad / app entrepreneur)

My one golden nugget:

  • respect your youth years

Reading Lists

I am building a list of books on airtable.

There are books that I reread regularly, but at the moment I read new books in trying to identify the best books to reread while trying to push my learning boundaries. So far I got to organise my future reading in 6 lists, main readings for each time of the day:

and 3 lists of books that look interesting but haven't got enough information for them:

For people who just wanted to know how to choose what to read by Tai Lopez' talked of principles.

Do you have a book or resource that would like to see what nuggets I can get out from for you ?

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