3 Golden Nuggets a day - on Wealth and Reform

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Introduction on the 2 subjects of today:

  • wealth and property are altogether different concepts in a Liberal world
  • long term wealth dependency on Financial Education
  • and a look into the future of wealth trough proposed economies

  • Classic Read

Liberalism: where did it come from and are its days numbered? | The Economist

My one golden nugget:

Liberalism values free trade and open competition. Liberalism can reform itself, by applying reforms in order to enhance social mobility

  • How To's:

70% of Wealthy Families Lose Their Wealth By The Second Generation!

My one golden nugget:

Educating your children and grandchildren about finance is about preserving wealth through generations

  • Biography:

The Third Industrial Revolution: A Radical New Sharing Economy

My one golden nugget:

for every one degree the temperature goes up on earth there are more precipitations in the atmosphere.
New Age Education: The students have to teach each other while the teacher because a guide. The learning is clinical (Catholic University of Lille, that's a revolution!)

Reading Lists

I am building a list of books on airtable.

There are books that I reread regularly, but at the moment I read new books in trying to identify the best books to reread while trying to push my learning boundaries. So far I got to organise my future reading in 6 lists, main readings for each time of the day:

and 3 lists of books that look interesting but haven't got enough information for them:

For people who just wanted to know how to choose what to read by Tai Lopez' talked of principles.

Do you have a book or resource that would like to see what nuggets I can get out from for you ?

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