[Acid Plays] Call of Duty Modern Warfare - Multiplayer


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Decided to give it a go with some multiplayer action in this video, although I got rekt most of the time and obs is still giving me some issues forcing me to have to record on windowed mode or else it just collapses the game, not sure what's going on there but hopefully they'll patch it up at some point in the future as I'd like to stream this game too, especially on 3speak once livestreaming becomes available there again.

Had a few nice kills and one play of the game in this video, will try downloading some video editor for some future highlights to make the videos shorter.

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A good video editor can make a wonderful video moment.


That's true it's also a lot less boring than watching the full recordings.


And need to know good editing ,for make very nice video sound timing,great moving,nice color adjust,cutting boring moment, etc ...
Keep up......I'm waiting......