Enchanted inktober , No7


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Girl and Horns , speed painting

this time i have a video for my inktober drawing , first i was going to paint it in colors and then i remembered that i am painting it for inktober lol, so add the black and white adjustment , and continue !
hope you enjoy


Music by @davidfar , you can check his blog and don't forget to give him follow and enjoy his great Musics ,
also you can follow and listen his musics in his blog in Choon

Thanks & have a great day !

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It's nice that you make these beautiful designs in digital drawing, it was super cute and well detailed in this perfect and beautiful face of this charming girl protagonist of your art in this presentation. Your talent to make this kind of art is very special and you show us a lot of mastery and dedication to make it better every day and you put a great effort in everything you do in this wide world of art. The black colors are great and gives a lot of life to this great scenario that you create in this digital design for the enjoyment of all of us with the passion that characterizes you in every job. It is a pleasant pleasure to always enjoy your good work and all your presentations. Congratulations on your great work. Congratulations with lots of love and affection for everyone.

She is a beautiful mythological, I love how you made the shape of her horns looks great, I wanted to participate in the inktober but I do not take it with the ink haha happiness 😍

The place where you did the biggest job is the eyes, series of layers of painting in other to really get the enchanted theme by a means. I love the Sophisticated process I recount seeing simple Sketch becoming so amazing. I love it definitely it's awesome.

I would have liked to see it also with bright colors and so in black and white I am really spectacular hehe congratulate you on such wonderful creations of digital art that you give us day by day, continues doing so wonderful work so that art lovers can delight our eyes, greetings and good vibes.