Online Negativity Is Mainly A Communication Failure Issue

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Human communication is more than just the words. In fact when you're interacting with someone in real life, most of the communication is non-verbal, believe it or not.

This is an example I always give: Someone says to you

"don't eat that leaf, it's going to kill you"

How seriously you would take that piece of advice would differ coming from:

a) A 65 year old, award-winning professor of herbal medicine.
b) A 12 year old online gamer.
c) Your mother.

Now, that isn't taking into consideration that they might actually be lying.. again another factor we take into consideration, based on context and how well we know each person.

Also what do their facial expressions and body language say at the time? Are they being sarcastic? Trying to be funny?

The Internet shields us from most of this stuff and creates an environment where trolling is rampant.


Peace and Love ✌🏿

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Definitely I think sometimes communication diversifies into things like gestures, actual understanding, body language and a lot others, the thing is sometimes people miss attempt at communicating because they obviously feel communication is just speeches


Absolutely. All this is lost in text. At least video can introduce some of it back.

Damn you Ade!!!! This is an offensive comment!

I said more in the 'SPK Tip' I left for ya....Great stuff as always!


😂😂😂 your trolling game is so weak bro! What kind of troll used SFW language like “Damn”? ✨✌🏾✨

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lol my bad. my kid was watching me type lol that’s my excuse.

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@jongolson, This has to be the least offensive tolling on 3speak


ha ha ha my bad man. i’ll stick to my excuse. i was trying to set a good example for my kid lol

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And most people do not realize these nonverbal form of communication.


It's a natural thing and part of our evolution.

#wow what a #amazing review @adetorrent. thats good . keep it up . gfood luck..

Action speaks louder than voice. The way they talk will determine whether i will take it serious.kind of looking at their body expressi first is important

It's pretty much easy to say whatever the hell you want on the internet, yet in this day and age it really matters so we should be careful with what we say for it can really backfire us in the future, if you know what I mean. Sometimes is evident that Trolls must have some psychological pathology due their lack of attention. Quite interesting topic mate. Best Regards!

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