Urgent! Bahareh is about to be deported to Iran #savebahar


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Urgent! Bahareh Zare Bahari - an Iranian university student - who has expressed her views against the Iranian government, is in Manila airport in the Philippines. She is about to be deported to Iran in the next few hours at the request of the Islamic Republic. Please share this clip.
#savebahar #bahar_bahari
Please contact anyone that might be able to help!

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Expressing one's view against the government hasn't really gone down well with most folks. I hope this won't be the case for her.

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We all know Iran and their laws and how they treat such a case it's saddening for Bahareh Zare Bahari I don't think constructive criticism against a non fuctional government is a crime and the way the Philippines have handled this is appalling. She deserves freedom


In the update included in the description box of the video you can see that her deportation was delayed, but she isn't free just yet!


I hope she becomes free very soon, it's really a concerning situation

This is the 21st century and the right to speech and the freedom of expression still seems like a day dream. I wish a powerful body like the UN could come to her aid.

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I am from Bangladesh , i know i have no doing anything this sister but i want my steemit any friends who are living near this place please help this sister,
But i doing share this video.so shared if my other have watching it hope give help.
Thankd @atheistrepublic for your good responsibility.

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OMG, poor soul, it always worst to get stuck at the terminal and authorities jumping around and them having fun. Try to contact the Indian Embassy for Asylum "Mention to them its more than just distress, your life is in danger". This is their twitter account https://twitter.com/indiandiplomacy?lang=en .
I believe, though its not within Indian jurisdiction but you gotta try it.