Teacher Who Won’t Use Trans Student’s Pronouns Sues District for Firing Him ⚖️

29일 전

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Peter Vlaming, a former teacher at West Point High School in Virginia, has filed a lawsuit against the West Point School Board after they fired him for refusing to use the proper pronoun when referring to a transgender student who had recently gone through a transition. He says his religion prohibited him from treating the student with respect. On Monday, Vlaming sued school district officials for allegedly violating his right to speak freely and exercise his religion, among other claims.

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I've had an experience being a teacher and must confess, when you have to start using a teaching method that conforms with the standards laid out by parents, school management, authorities, society, You start teaching under pressure and most likely not even impact the right and very best form of knowledge on your students. I think teachers should have the right to impact knowledge using their own methods. Teaching should be both educative and fun for learners and teachers but this isn't the case in our society today. Teachers teach in fear and discomfort. Well,as for this case, May the right person win the case.

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Thanks for sharing a perspective from the view of a teacher 🙂👍

The school of Virginia this time didn't really do the right thing, I mean the fact that he didn't in a way become an Infringement verbally or whatsoever to the trans student makes him have a free pass, I mean that's an Infringement to free speech there. In my opinion I think he's right yo sue them they can't just take away his livelihood for something he refused to say.


Thank you for leaving your 2 cents 🙂👍


You're welcome

There was a time when teachers had respect in the classroom and authority to teach their classes. now they are so afraid of the PC authorities that it's impossible to be in charge. They are subject to the students wills instead of the other way round. They should be entitled to run the class their own way as long as it's in a professional manner. It's not an attack on the student not to give in to ridiculous demands by the students. From what i've heard the teacher is in the right and has a great case.


Thank you for sharing your perspective 🙂✌️

Half of your links don't work, because you crop it while copy and paste?
That is very low effort!


We actually didn't realize that!

We will fix it tonight and we'll do it right in our future posts.

Thank you 😁✌️

But seriously, this teacher should have respected the wish of the trans gender too. I mean, he's a trans and that's legal in the US. When you're in Rome, behave like a Roman right?. Why not let peace reign and just address with the supposed pronouns. It won't take anything out of him rather to be honest, he'll be more respect as a teacher and probably still keep his job. My thoughts on this.

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts @samswim 👍😊

I just think teaching is becoming a very dangerous occupation these days. Gender issues is getting complicated to ridiculous degrees. There are some scientific facts that are beng ignored in the same way some basic grammar that cannot be bent overnight just because a group thinks so.
I'll give you the venezuelan example: in the name of inclussion, to fight sexist language, the chavista revolution started to introduce terms that do not exist in our language and that to the day have not caught up. Take the word "adolecente" (adolescent, teenager), for instance, which is gender-neutral. You can't get people to start refering to a female teenager as "adolescenta". It's not going to happen. then you have "almiranta" (a female admiral), "fiscala", a female attorney.
It would be excessive to fire a person for refusing to use the gender-inclusive made-up word imposed by the the government in this case, let alone by any group.


It sounds like Venezuela already experienced what the United States is experiencing now.

And the similarities between the United States now, and Venezuela's recent past is interesting, and a little scary too.


It is scary. What's even scarier is the fact that the right wing of the political spectrum in the States keeps screwing up in many respects, giving the leftists momentum to gain sympathizers worldwide. Even though I understand that the left in the States is not even close to left movements in Latin America, some of their postures pose a real threat to the stability of the whole world.
Again, it would be ideal that some balance could be found, but I guess those who were given this world to rule are prone to lean towards the extremes.

I know a lot trans people in Los Angeles and I think the younger ones feel more empowered to demand to be treated as they should be and would like to be. These discussions wouldn't take place 20 years ago. So this generation owes it to those that came before them with a much softer voice to be bold take action. Now a days you are not required to wait until you are an adult to be who you are. The teachers need to adapt even if its hard and puts them in a tough position. They are the adults.


The teachers need to adapt even if its hard and puts them in a tough position. They are the adults.

Yes, I think it's generally true that each generation wishes that things would remain the same, just as they were when they were young. But everything changes over time and I think it's wise for all of us to adapt too.

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