Former Anti-Vaxxer Whose Daughter Got Measles Begs Others to Vaccinate 💉


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A former anti-vaxxer whose 23-year-old daughter contracted a life-threatening case of the measles is now begging other parents to vaccinate their kids despite unfounded yet widespread fears. Debbie Roscoe’s daughter, Ellie, now 25, didn’t complete the full course of inoculations because of anti-vaxx beliefs that were exploding at the time, just as they are now. When her daughter almost died from measles outside of her childhood, Debbie Roscoe chose to fight for science instead of digging in her heels on the misinformation. Her mother is now speaking out about the dangers of skipping out on vaccinations.

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Source: Former Anti-Vaxxer Whose Daughter Got Measles Begs Others to Vaccinate
Location: England, UK

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The anti-vaxx absurdity is a good reminder that progress cannot be taken for granted despite the fact that science and tech always appear to move forward. A generation of ignorance can quickly bring back lethal diseases that ought to be buried well in the history books.

Not giving your children vaccines is like drunk driving in the neighborhood where they play. Irresponsible both towards them and the others they surround themselves with, potentially leading to lethal harm.


@fredrikaa, that is an opinion just like i have an opinion, no reason to downvote opinions i would say, everybody may be heard. I didn't downvote the post, i just gave an opinion. When my first baby got her first vaccine, she didn't stop crying for almost 1 month, that is what made me do more research on this and the truth is absolutely shocking if you are willing to delve into this.


Always appear indeed


This is definitely a good topic to cover on @steemit. I think there are a lot of anti-vaxxers on this platform.

Jeeh, what a bullshit you send out here. Speaking of science, you better do some proper research on vaccines, government programs and pharmacy combined is fucked up science truths

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EDIT: I will do a 1 time selfvote as i don't think we should downvote because of opinion differences, i didn't downvote this post for example

EDIT2: I was short and rough here without valid argumentation, i was just shocked that everybody kind of accepts all this as i am really standing on the other side. I am sorry i don't have time to elaborate on my thinking, my comment does not make sense like this



I don't agree with you but your comment was grayed out from a larger downvote so I upvoted it to encourage discussion.

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truly appreciated and i agree i was a bit short without further explanation. i reflected on what i said because it was the first time in 30 months on Steem that somebody downvoted me, felt not ok. Now ok again, thanks for yr awareness, will try to have decent argument/discussion next time

In 2017, there were 110, 000 measles deaths globally, mostly among children under 5 —Yet, during 2000 - 2017, measles vaccination prevented an estimated 21.1 million deaths making measles vaccine one of the best buys in public health (WHO, Nov 2018). WE CAN DO BETTER!

Why do some parents hesitate to vaccinate their children?
New York University prof Donna Hallas says,

“I think the misconception is not reading the correct literature. The fact that some people have said vaccines and autism—especially the measles vaccine—are related is totally false.”

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The efforts to destroy trust in science and other experts seems designed to overthrow a lot of progress we've made and empower those who spread hate and doubt. Part of it is also that it can be hard to judge the authority of online sources. Choose carefully who you trust.

It's not so much the vaccines but things added to the vaccines like thimerosol (mercury) which is the 2nd most toxic heavy metal next to lead. Also vaccine viruses need to be dead and researchers are finding that is not the case. Aborted fetal tissue also found in vaccine samples? Now that's just probably a sick joke from the devil-worshipping satanic elite.

There is such a thing as "clean vaccines" which can be requested from certain doctors who are awake to this insanity. I'm not disputing the science of vaccination just the sociopaths currently at the controls bent on forced population reduction and dumbing down the population to be more in control.


I'd be concerned that the "clean" vaccines would in fact be fake vaccines, but I like your argument more than the idea that the medicine in the actual measles vaccine causes autism, etc.

Do you have any proof that fetal tissues and mercury are added to a large amount of the measles vaccines that are given to the public?

Vaccination is supposed to be the number one priority of a parent over their child. That's probably the best gift any child would get from the parents.

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Vaccination is supposed to be the number one priority of a parent over their child. That's probably the best gift any child would get from the parents.

It is definitely one of the better gifts and if it saves their life, it can be argued as the BEST GIFT.

You're right!

Starting in 1986 the Reagan administration virtually eliminated any liability (whatsoever) for the big pharma corporations from liability for vaccines. Ironically that's when vaccines recommended skyrocketed. From 13 to over 50 today with dozens more in the pipeline. The CDC holds the patent to some of these. DEMAND TO READ THE INSERT ON ANY VACCINE BEFORE GIVING IT TO YOUR CHILD.
There is a dense possibility, her daughter has infection of something else. Can't be denied ??

This measles crap is ridiculously over-hyped. When is the last time the measles killed a child??? Probably can't answer that, since the Advent of proper nutrition through healthy food, sanitation, appropriate hygiene and many diseases are significantly less dangerous. All vaccines aren't bad but when you add big pharma greed at all of our expenses with no liability, so what that makes us ??? we are their test subjects. The two legged Guinea Pigs.


Random Animations measles is a benign childhood virus rarely kill anyone, in the US alone no one had die in more than 20 year, even though they had the biggest outbreaks in 2019. People die of measles in 3rd world countries were the malnutrition and bad sanitation can kill you over a cold or diarrhea. And the risk of getting autism from vaccines (MMR) is not minuscule we don’t have a way to measure it, the best we got is VAERS and that system is so broken that is probably just reporting 1-10% of the cases.

I kinda agree with some points Danny raised... It was until her child got affected that she realized her mistake😌😐.

Do we always have to know the truth in the hard way?

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Are you kidding me? anti-vaxx beliefs? Is that like a spiritual thingy? We can't overrule this ignorance of things like this and I can vehemently say I blame the mother for such indecision and gross irresponsibility which is affecting her daughter I don't know if this is just me but that action is wrong and she could've gotten her daughter Fully vaccinated.