Mom Makes Autistic Sons Drink Bleach As “Cure” Because They “Deserve Relief” 🥛


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A Kansas mom forces her two autistic sons to drink a form of bleach called “Miracle Mineral Solution,” which she thinks will “cure” them, saying it’s because they “deserve relief” from their condition. Laurel Austin admitted that she regularly gives the bleach product to her two adult sons, who she claims are “vaccine-injured” but their father Brad thinks his ex is poisoning them. Laurel says their behavior is “not normal,” according to local reports. Laurel said she tried everything from specialized diets to medication — with little to no success. Then she learned about MMS.

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Source: Mom Makes Autistic Sons Drink Bleach As “Cure” Because They “Deserve Relief”
Location: Kansas, USA

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WTF!!! 😮

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It doesn't make sense, does it?


It's Absolute nonsense. I think She should be arrested😌

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It's ridiculous that she wasn't arrested!

If her children were drinking bleach, they would be dead. Try it and see. Her children are not dead. So, I looked up "Miracle Mineral Solution", also called "Master Mineral Solution", on the Internet and discovered that it is not bleach. It does have chlorine in it, but so does salt. The text says her children are adults, but the image for the video shows an infant with a Clorox bottle in it's mouth. This looks to me like a wonderful propaganda piece.


Interesting feedback @paraguayo.

I upvoted your comment at 100% voting strength for maximum visibility.

Thank you for doing some digging and you're comments are welcome 👍


Hi again @paraguayo,

I am the @atheistrepublic volunteer that handle's this Steem account and I am also new to the @atheistrepublic Team.

After reviewing your criticism I found that the Titles & Descriptions included in each of these news videos is not chosen by @atheistrepublic but is instead, taken from whatever viral news article that the @atheistrepublic Team is covering for that day.

If you want to see the sourced article, you can view it here:

@arminnavabi and the two other Team Member shown in the videos don't always agree with the arguments laid out in the articles but it looks like they missed this one, so good catch!

P.S. If you join their YouTube lives you can mention suggestions like this while they are filming their video and it might help them in their review 👍

Ignorance is the main problem of human beigns, it´s amazing that we are heading to the third decade of the new millenium, this are the moments that doesn´t make me proud to form part of the human race, so much talent and intelligence just to waste it in pseudo-religious ideas, it's very sad


Ignorance is the main problem of human beings.

I agree with you there @losulbaran.

Greed & hate cause some of mankind's problems but ignorance or mental illness is usually the main culprit.

I have heard of some religious groups peddling this fake cure in Africa. A local guy was involved in this, but I don't know him. Those behind this need to be stopped before they kill people.


Yeah.. I read the article you linked too @steevc, and I'm actually not sure what Little read or heard that convinced him to give people MMS.

As much as I think those kids should be taken to the hospital for a thorough check up, I think She is mentally sick and should be treated first... that's fucked up!!!

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As much as I think those kids should be taken to the hospital for a thorough check up, I think She is mentally sick and should be treated first.

You are probably right. Good call!

Just saw this. This is poisoning. Even children now know a bleach is toxic and should be the last thing to go in their mouth. This is so wrong. Miracle mineral solution indeed.😂

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Its not fair doing forces for feeding kid,its make unhygienic health.when kid feel angry than he will take food with your own concern but forces food so dangerous for a kid.

Thanks for informative vlog for our consciousness, we should take this vlog thought.

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A religious rubbish! A complete Infringement to human right! It wasn't their fault that they turned out to be autistic so this shouldn't be so. Taking bleach is a suicide mission and maybe that was the original intention and not yo cure them in the first place. I think it's against the law to want to kill them this way. It's totally preposterous. Awful mindset by that woman


In the video, the husband actually accused the wife of trying to kill their child.