Nuclear Weapons Forbidden in Islam Says Iran ☢️ Anti-Abortion Clinic Gives Away Mini-Fetuses 🤰.mp4


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  1. China ‘building cark parks and playgrounds’ over Uighur Muslim graveyards ‘to eradicate ethnic group’s identity’
    Location: China

  2. Germany shooting: Gunman kills two after attacking synagogue
    Location: Germany

  3. Nuclear weapons forbidden in Islam, says Iran’s Khamenei
    Location: Iran

  4. Anti-Abortion Clinic Gives Away Mini-Fetuses in Parade, Prompting Rule Change
    Location: Chilliwack, Canada

  5. ISIS has a plan to bust out 70,000 supporters from Kurdish jails now that the US has abandoned the area to the Turkish military
    Location: Syria

  6. Right-Wing Websites Are Distorting Scientific Data to Attack Trans People
    Location: USA

  7. Australian Muslims call for more protection in religious discrimination bill
    Location: Australia

  8. These Expensive “Jesus Shoes,” Which Come With Holy Water, Are Selling Out
    Location: Brooklyn, USA

  9. Sahar Tabar, whose extreme look resembles Angelina Jolie, arrested by Iranian authorities
    Location: Iran

  10. Pastor Could Face Life in Prison After Recordings Suggest He Raped a Child
    Location: Florida, USA

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Interesting video and discussions.

Faetus shaped candy handed out at a parade 😂 this just confirms what I've always thought about extremists of all ideologies... Bat shit crazy!

If someone gave a faetus shaped chocolate bar to a child in front of me, they'd soon know how I felt about their wacka doodle stunt.

Welcome to steem.

P.s. if you want a well written post which delves into some of the complexities of steem this one by a friend of mine @nickyhavey is a good place to start.

His bluffer's guide series are very good for explaining how things work... and it does take a little explaining 😂


Thank you for the tip @raj808 👍

First comment on first post! Glad to see you've arrived safely!

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In my opinion, Atheist Republic isn't an Infringement to anyone and the concept or Belief that they're targeted for their belief is somewhat disturbing, I do believe that it's an ideology and as long as some people feel it's misguided they've got a right to practice what they want by all means.


You're welcome

Congratulations on your first post @atheistrepublic, welcome once again to Steemit. 👍

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Welcome to Steem. Glad to see some common sense, logic and rational thinking back here on the block-chain. There are too many flat Earthers and antivaxxers here.

You've got your work cut out for you.


Glad to see some common sense, logic and rational thinking back here on the block-chain.



There are people on this platform who think that the moon doesn't exist!


There are people on
This platform who think that the
Moon doesn't exist!

                 - shaidon

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


So, you think that believing the Earth is flat is rational?


😂😂😂😂😂. I'm only slightly offended

A warm welcome to the block chain. Great to see you posting.

I was raised Christian and I've been on a journey for about 40 years trying to understand this whole idea of a loving God. I have a lot of questions. I've seen a lot of things in churches that some folk have never seen as a matter of fact my dad is a pastor and I work with him closely so I get it .But I also get the Atheist position as well. The only thing the Atheist side, they try to do is ask for evidence not assertions which the Christian side never present nor demonstrate anything that could prove the existence of the triunity god of the bible.

Most atheist claim, just because an individual says something cannot be explained does give you the right to insert a god into the situation (which is defined as the god of the gaps) without demonstrating how this is possible.

Faith is independent of evidence so to have faith in something doesn't make it true.

Question: So again what did the Christian side actually prove?
Answer: Nothing

Question: So what Atheist gained ???
Answer: Nothing


In Iran, atheism is punishable by death, and that punishment is based on the "God ideas" found in Abrahamic religions.

So what can an atheist gain from criticizing religions?

  • The freedom to disbelieve and even criticize if warranted, without being killed.

The more people that criticize Abrahamic religions, the more likely that less people will be killed by those religions.

Nuclear weapons forbidden in Islam, but Islam allows the use of ak-47 to kill people?


That's a good question 👍

Lots of food for thoughts!

I'd recommend including small summary with your posts, as well, just to make your contents more accessible to those that are not able to access video contents, maybe due to bandwidth restrictions or if they are browsing from work. Other than that, it's nice to see you posting at Steemit! Hope to see more from you :)


Thanks for the tip @veryspider 👍

Nice to see you on 3speak and our platform. Please can you include a 3speak/steem logo as well?


Thanks for the suggestion @belemo.

We will bring up your suggestion in the next meeting 👍

Very interesting video. I am actually new to your page.
I do have a suggestion, if you may. I think more viewers and new viewers would be more captivated by short (about 20 min) in specific topics or news posts.
Look forward to seeing more from you.


Thanks for the feedback @deepwaters 👍

Oh oh 🙀. You guys are here on Steemit? Wow😮 . That's cool. Nice having you here. Can't wait to see more posts from you. ✌

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Thank you @abdex9.

We just uploaded another video a little bit ago 😊👍


Checking it out✌

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So many things are happening worldwide which require utmost concern but no, they chose to go for the atheist who chooses not to follow the crowd and wishes he really had his freedom of speech. Thanks @atheistrepublic for this posts. I've felt so much different in a good way ever since I saw you guys here.✌️


It's good to have you on here too @samswim ✌ 😊

Any time I see anything about the topic of abortion on any side of the issue, I ask this question:

Do you have any idea what happens to the 600k-1M (?) potential life forms remains each year in the US?

I know they are not allowed to be buried in public cemeteries and really wonder about this. It came to my mind when seeing a documentary about an old man in Vietnam who does bury them over there.


Thank you for sharing your ideas @fitinfunfood and feel free to read through the other comments.

We upload about 1 video per day ✌ 😊

I think bro world always going to with empowerment, who more power their are so strong and lead world,iran is always face war and some crucial moments passed,iraq,iran and Syria all countries muslim but thats have not unite thats why their always failed to using nuclear weapon,

I hope this war one day end and back tranquillity in this world.

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We will do our part, and one of our roles in everything is standing up for #FreedomOfSpeech ✌ 😊

Glad to see you got everything up and running. Welcome to Steem!


Sir I am so happy to Being a part to this platform and also doing work with you.

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Nice's cool


Thank you @odeis.

We upload about one video per day ✌ 😊


Okay...I will be glad to see more videos

Did Iran secretly buy fully functional nuclear weapons from Ukrainian weapons dealers connected to Russians and top Obama admin. officials?
Asking for a friend..🤔

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Great to have you guys set and ready to start promoting the discussion on "hard to swallow pills".
Hopefully this platform will honor its commitment with freedom of speech and will allow people to have civil and educated exchanges o ideas and raise awareness about multiple issues most people would rather avoid

Congratulations on your first post here @atheistrepublic🍾🍾🎉. This is the beginning of great things here.❤️

@atheistrepublic, We all should stand against of Nuclear Weapons because it's just not ruin lives, it ruins souls too.

This world needs Love and Kindness. But in today's world we are watching devision everywhere. Stay blessed.

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amazing video


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Estos temas que hoy se encuentran en todos los medios como topics, y mucho que se hablan de ellos desde la ignorancia, ya cansa; pero me ha gustado tu publicación, felicitaciones.

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Oh gosh....

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Do you care to expand on that?

Let's see if you participate on this platform or just post your video to get them Upvotes


I hope that wouldn't be the case

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