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@belemo, Unfortunate to know that. Let's hope and pray that everything will be fine. Stay blessed.

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Thanks. It really sucks I must say.


Welcome and keep faith with you. Stay blessed.

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Good morning.
Thank you for voting me as one of your witness.
Highly appreciated your support.

Hey, please don't post videos in DCooperation community in 3speak about general topics. We accept only videos that are helping people to learn about steem. Any videos that will help steemians to learn something new about growing in steem, 3speak, or any other application on steem. Any content that motivate steemians to not leave steem. The content that push steemians to collaborate with each other and with the crypto community outside steem to promote it to the world.

We don't accept videos about : politics, video games, general topics. We want to let steemians create more communities in the platform, but not to take over all topics, so noone will be interested in creating communities in 3speak.

Thanks for your understanding.


Oh I wasn't aware. My bad. Will fix up