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Are you Steve Cutts? And if you're not, do you have permission to monetize his work?

In the event that neither are the case, it would be appropriate to write an article explaining why you are sharing this content, your thoughts, and basically put some work in. Simply posting someone else's work with the hopes to get curated is frowned upon in this environment.

I looked over your blog extensively, and found nothing to indicate that you are the creator of this work, so if you are, please clear it up somehow and I'm sure your blog will receive better support.


Thanks Futuremind, sorry, I'm very new to the decentralised community and I just wanted to share a content that gave an insight to anyone ... how do I cancel content from dtube?


I understand. We were all new here at one point, and there are many rules of conduct and things to learn. This video you posted is on 3speak, not dtube.

I would not encourage you to delete the video, but maybe if you write up some thoughts pertaining to the content, then you might get some support.

For example, maybe write up 300-1000 words about what you think of this, (and add the text in an edit) because this video definitely employs a message that the world should be thinking about in my opinion! 300-1000 words may seem like a lot, and it might take a bit of time, but curators are perceptive and understand what takes time and effort.

I don't think the 3speak curators are likely to curate this content in its current state, and given the fact that you have invested into the creator studio, it would be worth the effort to create content that is likely to get rewarded.

I hope this helps. Best wishes to you!


Thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction Futuremind, I much appreciate and I will do as suggested by you.