Why I am a HUGE fan of 3Speak!

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Why I am a HUGE fan of 3Speak!

I want projects to succeed, well, not BSV, but most of the time I am rooting for projects to go well. However, the cryptocurrency world is flooded with moon-boy nonsense and it is getting to be ridiculous. Yes, we all like positive energy, but at some point somebody needs to provide a little critical thinking to the space. For this reason, I often take a more critical position.

However, I have only good things to say on 3Speak. I had heard of 3Speak, almost from its infancy, but I haven't had the free time to give it a thorough review until this lazy Saturday came around. After checking it out and listening to a few videos during my routine of cursing the Steem Engine login page, I definitely have a few good words to say on 3Speak.

The viewing experience is fairly fast and smooth, not quite at Youtube's level, but what is? I feel strongly about my need for dark mode, and that is yet to exist but I am patiently waiting... I am patiently waiting @theycallmedan!!!

Alright, so its a snazzy new video uploading site connected to Steem. But what is it about 3Speak that's got me going bonkers with glee? It's all about their principles...

Check out the guidelines at 3Speak:

3speak guidelines pic.PNG

They are my kind of guys and gals over there! Don't get me wrong, I care about people's feelings and sensitivities and I don't support offensive content (unless its really funny). But I share the views of 3Speak that the term "hate speech" is vague and in opposition to free speech.

Here are some quotes in case the image doesn't work for you:

OFFENSIVE MATERIAL: We do not believe in the concept of "hate speech" as it is a broad subjective term, so we fully support your right to be offensive as long as it does not violate any of our very sensible terms (see below).


SWEARING AND PROFANITY: Completely fine. Curse away. Insult anyone you want however you want...as long as it's not violating our terms (e.g. by slandering them)

JOKES: Anything goes. If you are making a joke which could be construed as something illegal or slanderous, it might be a good idea to make it clear. For example, making a rape joke or a joke about genocide is perfectly ok, as long as you aren't calling for people to really be killed or harmed in any way. We believe making light of horrific things serves to assist us in being able to deal with them better.

the good place image.png

The topic of what constitutes hate speech and what constitutes free speech tends to bring out strong feelings from people all over the world. It seems to be a sensitive subject now days. Rather than stick to a position, let's talk this out a bit.

One recent TV show touches on the subject. It is a story of a group of people having died and find themselves in the "Good Place" as they call it in the show. Now, I'm not going to spoil the show for you, but the main idea is that in the Good Place (Heaven) you can't say curse words, and when trying all that comes out is shirt, fork and stuff like that.

To some people, such a world is a dream come true. You can't say curse words, you can't say or do anything offensive because it is all immediately shut down. However, I believe that some things in life are not nice and they will offend someone, but they just need to be discussed.

The Enlightenment was a bloody time, but many of our human liberties are recognized by governments due to this shift in thinking. One such thinker was John Locke, a man that pointed out that not governments nor groups of any kind should have authority over the individual's conscience. This is a teaching we should not quickly throw way.

3Speak is fighting a fine fight, and for that reason I support their initiative to protect free speech. Fork yeah! Fork? I mean FORK! For... Ahh shirt! ...Am I in the Good Place?

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