Kurds Make Deal With Assad in Syria, With Help From Russia

2년 전
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@chieppa1, In my opinion it's reflecting as the whole world is going Insane. Stay blessed.

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I think there will be a big war in Syria again. Turkey should not invade Syrian Kurds. I see more and more victims. Turkey should be on standby in its border areas. All parties should refrain for peace.

It is very well said by the 31st U.S. President
"Older men declare war. But it is the youth that must fight and die" - Herbert Hoover
The above comment is supported by the Donald Trump's Tweet.
In my great and unmatched wisdom....I will totally obliterate and destroy the Economy of Turkey"
Ok champ - off you go then...this is your cue, you already let all of US down, at-least don't let your Unmatched Wisdom get floored.