Turkish Ground Forces Into Syria - Iraqi Protests Continue - Saudi-Iran Relations

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Turkish Republic isn't in a War just having a military operation on relentless baby killer terrorists.
No one can compare honourable Turkish soldiers with the terrorists.
They are fighting just for peace.
May God bless their victorious army. 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

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@chieppa1, Wars, Division, Hatred, Differences are spreads like cloud and we are seeing painful rain of all of these.

In these times everyone should pursue Peace and Togetherness because all these aspects will going to give hope.

Script for Human Beings is written very painfully and controversially. Stay blessed.

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Turkey attacked Syria with a reason to conquer the Kurds who would disturb the area. I don't think Turkey needs to attack Syria, just be alert in the border area. In war there will be many civil victims.

I guess the Turks are taking it upon themselves really defend themselves and won't really say they engrossed in an invasion I'll rather say they're trying to keep their country clean being offensive, nice update on the Shia protests in Iraq

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