Lebron James & China - How The Sports World Speaking on Politics Only Helps The Established Order

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The whole establishment of the United States is moving in on Lebron James for not screaming from the rooftops that he doesn't agree with China's human rights abuses and their treatment of the protests in Hong Kong. The War Party loves this being in the news cycle. Ignorance to politics, especially geo-politics, is a staple of the sports media and industry. So is being good lapdogs for the government in Washington.

Now that the everyday sports-talk radio personality and listener is talking about China and Hong Kong's "fight for human rights", it will now be completely unacceptable in polite company to point out the major flaws in the protest movement and to bring to light US involvement in a movement that the Chinese, and most informed (and non-pandering) political observers see as an attempted coup.

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In the middle of the NBA/China controversy, commissioner Adam Silver met with the Lakers and Nets.
LeBron James had a clear message for everyone in the room, followed by a players-only meeting.
NBA Insider Shams Charania
with the behind the scenes story ⬇️
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The man (James LeBron) supporting the Communist Regime is telling us who is educated or not. Not a fan of history or facts or reality or actual reason, eh LeBron.

Dennis Rodman: I am gonna go to North Korea and support them, uplift their masses and establish the three pointer Democracy.
James LeBron: No one has balls bigger than me, No one can be more dumb than me. Dear Americans, Lets go to China.

I think sometimes sports people or celebrities doesn't want to get themselves involved either because of their numerous endorsement or they want to remain anonymous; however it is I think LeBron James has the right to choose to talk, it's an obligation and not a responsibility one which he chose not to indulge in. That said the Chinese could even be paying part of his deals

@chieppa1, The most unfortunate aspect is, the basic issues of this world are neglected and all other aspects are coming under the light. Let's hope that the real issues will going to come up and will get resolved. Stay blessed.

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LeBron is out there thinking he is bad ass businessman and can take on Chinese single handed, not long before Chinese deliver him the bad ass experience. This boy is going to come home, crying his ass off.

Sports can be used as a means to voice human rights in China. Hopefully China's domestic problems will be resolved soon without causing more casualties.