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I am curious what they seek in bolivia? minerals ressources? evo wasn't okay to let enough pollution run off? who knows...

anyway, we are at the stage of only violence can win, against the childrapists aristocarcy ruling america, and as such if bolivia or south american want a future, they have to join the shanghai security cooperation organization, then it's over with those shit show by the childrapists, because the cia goons will be hunted like rabid dogs (which they are by protecting ghislaine and all the others vip).

I think that 100k of current american soldiers must be killed in a single day, for the us command to start to think... as long as they believe to have the hedge in their full destruction of life...

I mean, when PLA can destroy in a mega first strikes the entire us wmds... without any retaliation, we will be able to speak in more human term, until then the childrapists will be arrogant (sorry to use childrapists and american as synonyms).

Crazy situation there. Good video.

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