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kurdish sequence of events very ugly, stinks of betrayal. Kurds working with Americans, based on an agreement, had recently pulled their defenses away from Turkish border, only to wake up this am to hear Trump gave Turkey greenlight to invade.

@chieppa1, Some parts of the world really facing the darkest times and crying for the Light Of Hope.

Really hope that these Wars will stop and people who suffered a lot will going to build their lives and continue their journey blessfully.

Let's see what is hold by the future and when all these wars will going to stop. Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

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Of course Trump's decision has been thought of by Trump first the pros and cons. But it seemed giving Turkey the green light to attack the Kurds. But Turkey argues its actions are only to protect its borders. we hope that there will be no more conflict after America withdraws. Everyone must restrain themselves for peace.

Suprising to see the Turks making the rounds the involvement with Syria and Iraq and the other countries seems quite expected and Trump is of course being Trump by ordering those troops I hope it won't escalate into a bigger war than it is already