''Le client est roi''

28일 전

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I decided to share with my followers a French saying ''Le client est le roi''.

I also think that's an important video for all steemians.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I said my opinion in the video anyway.

That's coming from my experience from life.

Enjoy waching. ☺

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That is true my friend. Sometimes it is difficult to listen to them but we need to be more professional as you said. We are nothing without them. Nice video :)


Thanks a lot for watching.

We are nothing without them.

I'm glad you understand that. Let's take care of them.


Thanks. ☺


you are welcome mate! ;)

The customer is truly king this is because in all works of lifee it's the customers who determine the supply with their demands and sometimes as a content creator the main purpose why we create is for people to enjoy. I believe if we have only people who are willing to bring without people who are willing to buy then it's a no brainer amazing video


Yeah, but seems a lot of people don't know about that and I see them not replying comments, dowvoting their following because of ridiculous reasons and acting like kids. They don't really understand that if they will lose those followers, they will lose them foreever. They don't understand that the negative feedback will ruin their reputation even if they have a lot of steem power. I'm not talking about the number we have next our names, but the real reputation in the web.