Steem price is good for steem !

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In this video I explained why the recent steem price is good for steem.

I want to motivate all those who are caring about that.

Watch the video to be inspired.

I will be always positive about steem !

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I agree with you to some extent that the lower the price goes down the more the people would worry about the situation but I feel only the people who are dedicated towards $STEEM would be doing that SOMETHING you mentioned to make it better, rest would simply abandon. In such scenarios, the creators are most helpful for STEEM as they would just keep creating, simply because they love to do it and they are not creating for earning profits. Whatever they get is just like a reward but in case of investors, if they see they are not getting enough what they require they would simply look for some alternative to fill it up. Hence, I feel creators are most important in these kinda situations :)


Yeah, of course. Also, those who really care are sometimes lazy to do something. But, when they see the price going down, they will do their best to make things better. It's a motivation for all of us. I see it also like a punishment for those who weren't doing the right things, no matter if they are curators or creators. We are all in one ship.


You are right. At this current price of Steem, users with the wrong attitude cannot stay. Abusers of the system cannot stay because they are in want of space to squeeze out funds from the system.

At this price, reward farmers will run away giving room for the quality authors to be noticed by non-abusive curators.

Times as this are necessary to cleanse the steem blockchain.

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haha, that's also making me happy. Let them go and leave the space for better steemians to grow and improve here. Abusers are already punished and I like to see tham attacked by the community. They thought they will abuse the blockchain forever. Imagine what will happen after the next hard fork, it maybe improved even more and we will not have any upvote bots or any spam. The trending page will be only for quality content, but not for those who paid more or who have more power to get there. lol

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There is no point in continuing if someone is not making any money out of it. Steemains are dedicating very good amount of time to these curated contents and if there are no rewards or we have to wait for someone's mercy so that we get few dollars or steem, then its worthless. I believe, efforts should get rewarded and these steem prices are not as I was expecting them to be. The Steem price in January 2018 was $7.5 per Steem, compared to those prices, this is like alms given to us all.


You didn't watch the video for sure. I'm telling you, I'm making more than I was making when the price was higher. A lot are making more money now because curators are active. Watch the video if you want to get inspired. Or try to find out what's happening now in #newsteem !

My latest Discovery is that at a low price od Steem as it is, both the investors and Content Creator gains alike.

To the investor, he has the opportunity to hold a good amount of Steem with a reasonably smaller fiat equivalent.

However, for the content Creators, they earn more STUs at payout when the price of Steem goes down.

It's a win-win for both sect. Then, I agree with you that the recent price of Steem is good for the quality Content Creator and the investor.

Others who are observers and Ponzi scheemers will never find this price acceptable.

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