3speak is winning !

3년 전

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I showed in this video how 3speak is winning !

I was runing for 6 days a poll and now only 1 days left, but you still can vote he : https://mobile.twitter.com/Clixmoney1/status/1174912520064094208

And we have 32 people voted. 63% of them voted for @threespeak and only 34% for dtube and just 4% for youtube.

You still can vote if you did't vote yet, but it's clear that 3speak.one is winning.

Let's celebrate that. :)

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I'm glad I was one of the first 30 that voted. I knew that @threespeak will win even when we were not leading initially.

@Threespeak video creation and publication platform is second to none in terms of encoding speed, UI friendliness and value for video creators.

Up https://3speak.online

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Thanks for voting. It's a cool platform indeed. They plan to make a lot of updates in the future, it will be just perfect.

@clixmoney, There was no doubt, this is new platform but the impact and opportunity generation rate matters and this platform done that so much effectively. Keep up with your effective polling.

It was pretty obvious that @threespeak gonna win this out. I too voted for 3speak.

No other application provides you the things 3speak has to offer rather they DO NOT offer which 3Speak offers, the prime thing being FREE SPEECH! Which everybody loves to posses and 3Speak equips you with it :)