3speak presentation in steemfest 4 !


▶️ Watch on 3Speak

In this video I shared the presentation of 3speak.online in @steemfest.

It was presented by the co-founder @theycallmedan.

I enjoyed watching it on youtube and now you can watch it on @threespeak as well.

The presentation is really deap and shows everything that the team achieved and what they are going to do in the future.

3speak.online is a really huge project that can onboard the masses to steem blockchain.

Thanks to @roelandp for doing so much to make all the best for @steemfest.

Enjoy watching.

▶️ 3Speak

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@theycallmedan is obviously one of the most brilia to man I've come to know and it's so glad to see him there at steemfest representing 3speak by all means. We're all becoming co owners rather than mere users


Yeah, that's the best thing I heard from him in this presentation. I'm glad that all the creators are becaming co owners of a platform. You will not find anything similar to this on the web.


Exactly really, 3speak is in safe hands

Great update by @theycallmedan about 3speak and glad to that we are not content creator on 3speak. This platform has bigger plans and we are lucky that we are here. Thanks for sharing this video.


Of course. We just have to be always positive about it and we'll be very happy here. :)

Great talk

It's good that you shared a segment of the presentation with us. Hopefully people understand the concept of what is really 3speak unlike conventional platforms, we have to change the paradigm and know that we do not have to be the product of anyone, they have already been more than 10 years where many users have shared their data . Now with the blockchain and steem technology, each of the members should continue talking about this, I think it is a tremendous social network that has a lot ahead and hopefully each member continues to spread the steem blockchain whenever they can, there is no need stop.

Que bueno que compartiste un segmento de la presentacion con nosotros. Ojala las personas entienda el concepto de lo que es realmente 3speak a diferencia de las plataformas convencionales, tenemos que cambiar de paradigma y saber que no tenemos que ser el producto de nadie, ya han sigo más de 10 años donde muchos usuarios han compartido sus datos. Ahora con la tecnologia blockchain y steem, cada uno de los miembros debe seguir hablando de esto, creo que es una tremenda red social que tiene mucho por delante y que ojalá cada miembro siga difundiendo la blockchain de steem cada vez que pueda, no hay que parar.


Yeah, that's great. ☺ I wish you take a look at someone losing faith from steem ( louisthomas ) , I commented his post, but maybe you will also comment, I would like to know your opinion about his recent post and I wish I'm right that downvotes are not censorship.

Let's see whats gona happen

Awesome news. 3speak is a great service and deserves this.


Thanks for uploading the presenation!

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You're very welcome. :)

I really enjoyed your video! Thanks!


You're welcome. Thanks for watching.

@theycallmedan, Very nice presentation. You explained the weakness of platform like youtube, then explained the next generation 3speak advantages over others. Nicely explained presentation. Its very much understanding the overall basic of 3speak. I have first heard about it now from you. Hope to see you in the platform. I am new here. Help me to start here. Thanks.


Thanks for the comment. Yeah, the platform is great. If you have any questions, you're welcome to ask me. I have sime experience here now. :)

Thanks for share that awesome video from Steemfest in Bangkok!


You're welcome.