Token Obsession and Why It's Critical to Your Crypto Success

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Welcome back to another video. Token obsession is absolutely critical to being successful in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Why is this so important?

When you're obsessed about something that means that you're focused on all the time, it's all you can think about. Obviously you're thinking about food, you're thinking about your relationships, you're thinking about your health, great things, right?

These are awesome things to think about, but when you're obsessed about your goal, when you're obsessed about the coins and the tokens and obtaining those and you know, putting more into your portfolio, something magical happens.

I don't know if you've heard of the law of attraction, but it basically states that what you focus on expands. So the more that you think about something, the more that you focus on it, the more that it's going to become a physical manifestation in your life.

Or as we're looking at it from the digital asset perspective, they're actually digital. You know, they're not actually physical. We're not going to hold bitcoin in our hands. I mean, I guess we could, you know, they've got those coins that you can hold on to the physical coins, but that's not real bitcoin obviously. So what you focus on does expand.

And so when you're obsessed about these tokens and there's so many, right? You've got Bitcoin, but then you've got a huge list of all these other old coins that are available on the marketplace today. So when you become obsessed about that, you all of a sudden your mind just opens up.

And when you become obsessed about it, guess what happens? Your portfolio expands. How does it do that? It's not just magically going to drop down from the skies, right? That's not how it's going to work.

But what it does is it shifts your mindset. It shifts your mentality, and it shifts your attitude. And when you have those dramatic shifts in your life, you move from here to here very quickly, okay? It changes your entire perspective and all of a sudden you've got these different opportunities that are flooding at you. You're noticing things.

You know how when you get a new car or you get a new used car and you never noticed this car before, right? Well now you've got this car. Maybe it's a Ford F150, you know it's a new truck and now you notice this new truck everywhere is a red one that you purchased cause your favorite color is red, I'm assuming. And then all of a sudden you're noticing these Ford F-150 that are red all on the road. Why is that? Because your reticular activating system is now in progress.

Now that part of your brain is recognizing things because now it's important to you. Now you have this vehicle and now you're noticing it everywhere. Well, when you focus and you obsess on tokens and obtaining them not only for your family, but also for your communities, and also if you're even a visionary for the entire world and making it a better place, this isn't just for yourself.

You're not being obsessed just for the fact that you're going to fatten up your portfolio, right? This is for the greater good. And so you're obsessing over it and now you're noticing these tokens, you're noticing these different opportunities coming at you every single day and you're like, wow, this is crazy. So this is the power of the law of attraction. This is the power of focus, of obsession, of any topic. So this is gonna work for any topic.

So what do you want to get in shape? Where do you want to have a good relationship? If you're obsessed about where you're going and what you want that era of your life to look like, it's going to expand into whatever you want it to look like and it's going to happen very quickly.

It's going to happen quicker than you expected it to happen. So allow this to be some inspiration to you and understand that obsession is actually a good thing when it is tunneled towards a goal that you have in your life.

Obviously if you're obsessing about, you know, a drug addiction or alcohol, you know, negative things, obviously that's going to be bad. I think obsession has got a bad rap over the years, so focused on those tokens. Focus on earning focus on, you know, expanding your portfolio out because we have a mission here, guys.

We have something that's special here with bitcoin and cryptocurrencies that's unlike any other industry. So let's grab a hold of what's ours. Let's grab a hold of these tokens. Let's obsess over enlarging our portfolio and then helping our families, our communities, and the world to just be a better place to live in whatever your vision is for your life, the goal that you have, the reason that you started may that become even bigger because of the obsession that you have over obtaining tokens.

So thank you friend for watching this video can with Coin Gallon. Thank you so much for being here. Feel free to subscribe somewhere around this video for more value like this. And I will see you in the next video. Take care.

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I guess I'm more old school of a crypto guy and i believe in decentralized governance systems like steem DAO has built. When tokens come that are purely centralized i get concerned for users safety as i did back when bitconnect was being promoted in steem by 1000s of users.

Tokens are great i love steem coin, but when they are centralized governance wise people have lost billions of dollars already and I dont want seeing this happening to my friends with a round 2.


I hear you @gray00. Good insight. With decentralization, there is no central point of failure, as was the case with FB and IG yesterday. We are fortunate to have systems such as Steem that is in the users control as opposed to a single company. Hope you're having a great week so far.

It really good to always being obsessed about something very precious like cryptocurrency. Its future is always bright, as it increases unexpectedly with the brink of an eye.


Obsession isn't a bad thing when you're in that mode for the right reasons :) Success awaits my friend.

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