How to Quickly Develop Your Steem Authorship

3년 전

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How to Quickly Develop Your Steem Authorship

4:23 - Why Develop Your Steem Authorship
5:24 - Step 1: Crush Your Fears
9:29 - Step 2: Study Your Audience
13:50 - Step 3: Work on Your Delivery Style
16:56 - Step 4: Flow of Fresh Ideas
19:29 - Step 5: Impact Factor
22:09 - Step 6: Unique Angle
25:25 - Step 7: Seek Support

Last year I spoke at a blockchain event in Vegas for the very first Steem Creators conference. I'm really proud of where I've come because I used to be extremely shy and full of anxiety, but now my passions have evolved to impacting lives as a public speaker and content creator.

The content inside this presentation proves valuable to the Steem community today in 2019. I had such an amazing time at this conference getting meet my fellow Steem friends in person and develop our relationships even further. We went on a couple exciting excursions while down there including indoor skydiving.

When we get to the end of our lives, it won't necessarily be our possessions we remember, but the experiences along the journey. Thank you for tuning in and I can't wait to see you in the next one. Cheers.

P.S. Mineshift Elite Mastermind Intensive is coming up next month. Go to for more details.

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Hi Ken,

I listened to your entire presentation while I was editing photos on Photoshop and I got a lot of different ideas from it but I didn't comment them since I was busy listening. This is one of the clearest videos I've seen from you and it includes a lot of information (more than others) that appears to be really well researched.

The single idea I gained from your speech that will change my behavior the most is realizing that I am targeting the wrong audience. Most people I have talked to on Steemit cannot relate to my ideas about enlightenment and self-realization but there are FB groups on Facebook where people are more receptive (to ideas related to enlightenment).

What I might end up doing is getting more active on FB but bringing some of them to the Steem blockchain!

Thank you @kenmelendez


I had a great time giving this presentation for the Steem community and am glad you gained value from it, Chris.


Yeah @kenmelendez I received a lot of insight while listening to your video but it helped a lot when you mentioned the part about looking at how people have reacted to our previous comments, posts, etc.

That is when I realized that I have often been interacting with the wrong people. A few people have had bad experiences while reading my posts + comments.

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