XRP / Ripple Update: Garlinghouse Speaking in NY | Xpring Partners with Coil on 1B XRP Grant

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XRP / Ripple Update: Garlinghouse Speaking in NY | Xpring Partners with Coil on 1B XRP Grant

Welcome back to Coin Gallant. Your source for cryptocurrency education, news, and other fun stuff.

Today we are talking about the Ripple CEO Brand Garlinghouse as well as the coveted partnership between Ripple's Xpring initiative and Coil, a web monetization platform.

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**This is video nor the included text is to be considered financial advice. Cryptocurrency is volatile. Please do your own due diligence and only invest what you are willing to comfortably lose.

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Coil? Content monetization and posting? That's cool I definitely believe it's all so confusing to me, however I think inter ledger protocol is definitely cool, one can even talk or blog about steem but I don't Still understand the XRP connection and I'm guessing I'll have to check this one out Ken can I get the URL?

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Here is the link to that Medium article on the Xpring / Coil partnership: https://medium.com/xpring/partnering-with-coil-1154a156cb07

@coingallant, We are seeing lot of Social Media Platforms on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Space, with a deeper look in my opinion it's a great sight.

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XRP may overtake Ethereum in the short time?

Have you had much luck with Coil? I got on there but it didn't make sense to me. Have you made anything?