Crypto Love Interviews CZ Binance!

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In this video, I interview CZ, founder and CEO of Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange. In this interview, which is excerpted from the Binance Charity Poker Cup hosted by TRONbet, I ask CZ about banning US citizens from Binance, margin trading and the most recent Binance hack. Join us...

Binance Charity 1:33
CZ Wisdom 4:40
A Day in the Life of CZ 8:18
CZ on Binance US Ban 11:00
CZ on Margin Trading 14:24
CZ on Binance Hack 16:43
CZ's Top 5 Cryptocurrencies 20:20

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Great interview , editing is great. This interview clears my so many doubts about why binance kickout US .
And looks great that you backed again on steem network future is bright

bien, que envidia....

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