Is it illegal to insult someone?

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I had been talking about the problems of reproduction and was speaking to a young man in an adidas shirt and questioning whether he or anyone should be reproducing.

This is the wording of the Act

A person is guilty of an offence if he—
(a)uses threatening [F1or abusive] words or behaviour, or disorderly behaviour, or
(b)displays any writing, sign or other visible representation which is threatening [F1or abusive],within the hearing or sight of a person likely to be caused harassment, alarm or distress thereby.

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It's good to see you're back Danny!

That cop seemed like he just didn't want to get himself into something that could go pear shaped and he took the best option to save face. They aren't all stupid ;)

Keep up the good work mate.

Great @dannyshine, it is really good to be conscious of what comes out from our mouth. At times the tone and our mood talks more about what we say abuses the language. However, it differs from tribes to tribes or country to country whether the expressions we use is insulting or not. We should therefore be mindful of our actions and reactions to peoples. By the way, your video has attracted my attention in @threespeak, you are welcome!

I don't think it's unlawful really to tell someone that you don't like their t-shirt, infact when an insult doesn't contain derogatory remarks or threatening words it's basically harmless and someone shouldn't be arrested for such. For example if I say you're crazy without adding I'll make sure you die then it's basically not an offences unless you add the latter. Lol the officer there seems amusing

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You need to know about this amendment to the Public Order Act 1986 which protects free speech in the interpretation of sections 4,4A and 5:

"Protection of freedom of expression

Nothing in this Part shall be read or given effect in a way which prohibits or restricts discussion, criticism or expressions of antipathy, dislike, ridicule, insult or abuse of particular religions or the beliefs or practices of their adherents, or of any other belief system or the beliefs or practices of its adherents, or proselytising or urging adherents of a different religion or belief system to cease practising their religion or belief system.]...".

The constable and the barrister need re-traing.

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