Loony Lindsey Graham TURNS on Trump, Lashes Out


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--More Republicans start turning on Trump, including Sen. Lindsey Graham, over his abandonment of the Kurds, but big picture, they are still Trump sycophants defending the status quo

Will Grahm turn on Trump over Syria?

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Lol he has no spine

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Well some predictions are not meant to be true.. Lol

Lindsey thought that her thoughts are gonna be real for sure but they turned out to be something else as they were visible. But for sure Trump is getting exposed each passing day and people against him, that number is rising quite fast. It seems like a major protest or something big is on it's way.

Bring Popcorn !


Let's hope so.

Call this what it is:
Loony Lindsey is using gov power & the powerful

Senate Judiciary Committee to spread crazy right-wing conspiracy theories to hurt Trump's political rival - An abuse of power Graham invites Giuliani to testify on Ukraine corruption;
See more here

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So can we say Lindsay is a confused man? I believe his thought and tweet about how wrong it was for Trump to abandon the Kurds seems quite logically correct but then I can deduce that he's an ambitious politicians and he likes being in the spotlight if not I can't find a reason why he seems so controversial

Graham of course won't corner Trump. He was still a supporter of Trump in the 2020 elections. I think Graham benefited greatly during the Trump administration. So he will be a loyal supporter.