Embarrassing Trump Letter to Erdogan is Clinically Insane


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Embarrassing Trump Letter to Erdogan is Clinically Insane

Donald Trump's embarrassing letter to Turkish President Erdogan is released, and it's so childishly pathetic that it took hours to verify it was real and not merely a satirical parody of a Trump letter

Can you believe this?

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It's a ridiculous letter. That letter among many things suggests that Trump might be suffering from worsening cognitive decline. When you watch videos of a much younger Trump talking about something he has a very firm grasp of like real estate development in New York, it's like listening to a different person.

It would be better for the GOP to get on board with the impeachment of Trump. The presidency of the United States is too serious a matter to be left to a rabble-rouser like Trump despite such a person being a skillful manipulator. One of Trump's core skills is speaking persuasively to the masses, protest voters in particular, in a way that pushes their buttons effectively. When Trump appears to speak like a fifth grader, it is no accident. There is a method to his madness. But that obviously does not work with people of sophistication at the level of world leaders. Those people tend to be both book smart, which Trump has never been, but also skilled manipulators having gone through rigorous selection in the politics of their home countries. Trump, particular with progressive cognitive decline, is completely out of depth with that set. Nobody among world leaders respects him. Nobody. When he gave away the store to Kim Jong-un, the world was watching. Erdogan will not dignify his overtures with a response.


The clip of Trump discussing Citizen Kane is always fun to contrast with his current manner of speech.

I guess anything to deflect away from the fact that 53,000 people showed up for his rally in TX Thursday night. Let's repeat that: 53,000 people. That goes to show you that a huge percentage, unlike what the media is telling you, support Trump and if he wants to send the dictator Turkish president a stupid letter then so be it as if that dictator was going to respond or listen to anything sensible in the first place. Erdogen does what Erdogen wants and all Americans know why, they are a air space gateway which the US is dependent upon. It is a totally different situation to expect Erdogen to respond to sanctions over the release of a prisoner compared to what his response would be to those running incursions over his border to cause problems. Of course he's going to release the minister but he isn't going to allow continuation of Kurds excursions over his border while hiding behind US troops to do it. We understand that, if the Kurds weren't causing their own problems to begin with it might just be excusable to use US troops to defend them...but as it stands it is not. Sometimes in life it's the hard knocks that make you appreciate what it is you have and not to take advantage of it. We support our president to write him another stupid letter.

One might agree that Erdogan himself deserves such a letter, he's been handling the issues with the cease fire in a crazy manner, we've all expressed concern for Trump and that's a bummer I personally don't like his ideas as well but the guy is sitting in the most powerful seat, sometimes it drives insane